10 Important Tools You Need to Start Growing Cannabis At Home

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Here Are the Tools You Need to Start Your Home Grow

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with home-grow laws, you could be saving money by growing your own medicine at home. (Home Growing is one of the best ways to save money on cannabis.) Many patients and consumers start out by growing indoors, which allows you to control more variables than outdoors. 

You can utilize home-grown cannabis the same way you utilize dispensary-purchased cannabis. You can consume the flower directly, or you can process the flower into other cannabis products like edibles and hash. Research shows, “Those who grow cannabis economize the plant by creating homemade edible cannabis products.”

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Your home grow set-up can be as complex or as simple as you’d like. Consumers can set up a cheap home grow with some tents and lights, or they can build an elaborate grow room with extensive indoor grow equipment. 

However you choose to start, there are some essential indoor grow room supplies you’ll need to start your home grow. 

Here are the 10 Most Important Tools to Add to Your Home Grow Room Checklist.

Grow Containers

Grow containers are an obvious necessity. There are a variety of types you can add to your grow room checklist 

  • Standard flower pots are the basic plastic pots readily available in most hardware stores. These are a common choice for home growing. They’re generally constructed of plastic and have drainage holes in the bottom.                                                                                      
  • Fabric smart pots prevent your plants from becoming rootbound. In a normal closed pot, roots would grow endlessly in a circle. Smart Pots are made from breathable fabric. When the roots get to the end of the pot, it becomes dehydrated and dies. This is called “air-pruning”. This ensures the constant new growth of roots and can help promote better plant growth.
  • Air pots are pots constructed of hard plastic but unlike traditional posts, the drainage holes are all over including the sides. This provides the same effect as fabric pots, the air automatically “air-prunes” the roots of your cannabis plant.
  • Hempy buckets are easy to make at home. They’re very similar to normal pots but instead of having drainage holes on the bottom, the drainage holes are several centimeters above the bottom. This leaves a section of very nutrient-dense, moist substrate to feed the plant. 

Grow Lights

Adequate lighting is absolutely crucial to a healthy home grow which makes a proper lighting system an absolute must on your indoor grow equipment checklist. There are many different types of lights so making a selection can feel a little overwhelming. There are a variety of options on the market for grow lights. This article explains the difference between LED (Light Emitting-Diodes) and HID (High-Intensity Discharge) grow lights.  

Lighting fixtures also range in prices so you’ll definitely be able to find lights in your price range even if you’re starting a cheap home grow. If you have a larger budget, lighting is an area you’ll want to consider spending more. If you already know the types of lighting you want here’s a list of some of the top grow lights available


To ensure the most efficient cannabinoid production, your plants need to be kept on a rigid day/night light cycle. You can do this by connecting our lights to segmental timers which will switch your lights on and off at the same time every day, without having to remember to do it manually. 

Try to avoid using cheap timers, like the ones that use pins, as these can jam, or in the worst-case scenario, cause a fire. Stay within your means but do make the wise choice with the most essential parts of indoor grow room equipment like lights and timers.  

Soil or Substrate

During your home grow journey, you’ll need to choose between soil or a hydroponic substrate. The quality of your soil or substrate directly impacts the quality and production of your cannabis plants. Many consumers look for a mix that is light, fluffy, drains well, and contains enough organic material to hold water and nutrients.

You can use a variety of amendments to enhance your soil or substrate to maximize the production of your plants. You can make your own at home or you can purchase a pre-mixed potting soil designed especially for cannabis plants. 

Grow Tents

If you are building a full grow-room, then you probably won’t need a tent. However, if you’re planning to grow a small number of plants, a grow tent may be more economical. Grow tents allow you to better control the humidity, temperature, and lighting, which results in a healthier more robust harvest. 

You can purchase a tent on your own along with all the accouterments like lighting and fans, or you can buy a grow tent with a complete setup included, which already contains everything you need to get your home grow started. Buying a complete setup really decreases the items needed on your indoor grow room supplies list. 

Syringes and pipettes 

You will need to feed and nurture your plants. Syringes and pipettes become an essential tool when it comes to measuring and feeding. The accurate measuring tool will efficiently measure those small volumes of liquid and nutrients needed through the growing process.

Fans and Vents

Healthy plants require adequate temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Depending on the size of the grow and location of your plants, you may choose to invest in fans and ventilation to reduce the risk of mold, milder, and pest infestation. 


Cannabis plants are happiest at different temperatures. In their early growth phase, they like to be around 67-77 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes time to flower and produce cannabinoids, they like to be at a more balmy temperature up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keeping the temperature or humidity too high or too low will stop plants from growing to their full potential, and could also introduce problems such as mold, mildew, and other plant health problems.

pH Meter

Cannabis plants produce best at a soil pH of between 6.0 – 7.0. The only way to determine if your soil is the proper pH is by testing it with a pH meter. 

Whether the pH needs to be more acidic/alkaline depends on the type of plant growth and/or the growth media used. A pH meter is especially important if you’re using synthetic silicon supplements. Regularly checking your nutrient solution with a pH Meter means your plants will get exactly what they need at the correct pH. 

Plant Training Tools 

Cannabis plants, like many other plants, need to be trained to the most efficient production. Plant training allows you to control the height, size, and shape of the plant. There are a variety of plant training options you can use for your cannabis plants. Whichever method you use, you want to be careful not to stress or damage the plant when plant training. You may use rubber-covered wires like garden wire, soft twine, hemp rope, pipe cleaners, plant bends, or plant ties. 

Pruners or Garden Shears

Of course, pruners and shears are essential when it comes to trimming and harvesting your bud, but you’ll need your pruners and garden shears well before your first harvest so have them ready. 

Pruning is an important role in plant maintenance and is needed to keep your plant healthy throughout the growth cycle. 


All patients SHOULD be allowed to grow cannabis at home, but unfortunately, they AREN’T. So before starting your home grow, make sure it’s legal to grow in your area. In some areas, even those who have legalized the sale and possession of recreational cannabis, home cultivation is still banned, and breaking the law can result in significant legal jeopardy. 

Growing cannabis at home requires a little bit of setup and an investment in indoor grow equipment, but in the long run, growing your own cannabis at home can save you a lot of money. Home cultivation also offers you the opportunity to produce high-quality plants and grow cultivars that are ideal for your health. 

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