jinxproof genetics 9lb hammer

9lb Hammer F2 Seeds

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I am working on 9lb hammer f2 seeds and hope to get some giveaways started as soon as possible.

9lb Hammer F2 Seeds
Here is one of the phenos of the 9lb hammer f2 breeding project

9 Pound Hammer Seeds

I am currently working on locating the keeper phenos within the 9lb hammer f2’s. There are some specific terpene profiles that I am working towards and hope to find them soon.

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9 pound hammer seeds
The 9 Pound Hammer produces some amazing trichomes

One thing that people need to realize when pollen chucking is the fact….

9lb Hammer Seeds

Sometimes you can find the dream cut FAST and other times it can takes MONTHS and even other times NEVER HAPPEN.

9lb hammer f2 seeds
9lb Hammer f2 pheno Close-Up

The exciting part about it however is that the project is YOURS. I enjoy doing my own crosses and usually just gift the seeds to new growers.

Once again, I am sending positive growers karma to everyone reading this!

The AardVark

9lb hammer seeds video

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