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Attitude Seeds | Attitude Seedbank Reviews 2020

Attitude Seeds

Keep reading and find out how you can get 20% off all of your marijuana seed orders online and if you spend over $200 they will bump it up to 30% off your entire order.

Attitude Seeds Discount Code

The Attitude Seed Bank used to offer some really killer deals. I used to buy from them all the time. From time to time they really do have some awesome weed seed deals but I have found fresher and cheaper seeds online.

They are still a great seed bank, don’t get be wrong but I think they really have a few things that need to be ironed out before they get back to at least the top 5 seed banks in my book.

Attitude Seeds Busted

From all the marijuana seed banks that I have ordered from, The Attitude Seed Bank seems to have the most screw ups when it comes to marijuana seeds getting confiscated or some random mishap in the mail that always seemed to be blamed on anyone but them.

I think this is something that they can work on and I really hope they do. They used to have some great seeds from some very unknown but rising marijuana strain breeders.

Come on Attitude, pick up the slack and get everything back in check.

Attitude Seeds Review

A few years ago there were thousands of positive reviews for the attitude seed bank and everything that attitude seeds stood for. I have seen far more negative reviews the last few years but I do feel an upswing is in order.

For now I have a few other trusted seed banks that I have been ordering through and have had a 100% delivery success rate with which is always important.

Attitude Seed Bank Promotions

Now this is something that they do still do and am damn happy that they didn’t give this up. Monthly marijuana seed promotions, 420 seed deals and other days always pop up.

One thing they need to fix is the pricing for the average day to day purchase though BUT if you are around for one of their Attitude SeedBank Promotions then you could save a ton.

I go through a seed bank that offers a 20% discount on all seed purchases as well as a 30% discount on all purchases over $200. I find this pretty hard to pass up myself but still check the attitude hoping for one of their killer deals.

Marijuana Seeds Discount Code

CLICK HERE – Enter Discount Code: 20AS-661091 during checkout and get 20% off your ENTIRE seed order! + 30% on marijuana seed orders over $200!!!

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