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Biscotti 2.0 is a highly selective cross of Biscotti x Biscotti. Biscotti 2.0 harnesses all the great attributes of the original strain whilst introducing some subtle improvements, including inbred stability, that elevate this strain to the next level.

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Legal growers are going to be rewarded with stocky, indica-type plants that produce above average harvests of dense, olive-green flowers. Flowering times will be around 8 – 9 weeks or so. This one is a THC powerhouse; the original Biscotti was known to clock-in at around 25% THC and Biscotti 2.0 could easily top that. Strong, almost chewy flavours of overripe fruit and sugared bakery notes make Biscotti 2.0 a real assault on the senses. She’s 60% Indica, so gardeners in legal areas should expect relaxing body effects, giggly euphoria and an increase in appetite.

Biscotti 2.0 produces a thick coating of resin towards the end of flowering, making this strain an excellent choice for legal extraction makers.


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