Did Apes Evolve Into Humans Because They Ate Magic Mushrooms? – The Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution Explained

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For those unfamiliar with this concept, the stoned ape theory or hypothesis says that the rapid cognitive development of humans was directly caused by the indiscriminate consumption of psilocybin mushrooms about 2 million to 300 thousand years ago. The theory posits that the apes migrated from the forests of Africa and the savannas into the grasslands. Their habitat change from the trees to grasslands describes how the apes became bipedal species. Scientists explain that as the early apes adapted to the grasslands, they had to hunt for prey. Like it is now, large herds of prey leave heaps of dung around. Psilocybin mushrooms thrive best in manure. So, there’s no way the early hominids couldn’t have eaten them as they followed the trail left by the dung.

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