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Last Updated on by Aardvark has published multiple articles explaining why the exploitation of women and their bodies in order to get more” hearts” or “likes” on a post is wrong and outdated.  Our basic retort has always been, “Be a great marijuana influencer on your own, why do you have to take your clothes off?”.  The article, “Why Boobs and Bongs Have to Be Eliminated from the Cannabis Industry” got many upvotes from the cannabis industry as for all the hard work female pioneers are doing in the cannabis space such as fighting the “good old boys” network, and breaking through glass ceilings, ganja girls in their underwear selling bongs brings the female movement in cannabis back to the outdated thinking of marketing in the 1970s.

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By Aardvark

How's it going fellow growers and smokers! I'm the Aardvark and have been growing and doing grow shows online for many years now. I have helped various companies launch as well as helped test grow for specific breeders trying to prove out certain strains and traits.