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Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds – 8

Fat Pete’s Cookies was created by crossing a very fruity and potent auto-flowering strain with Auto Cookies. The result was subsequently crossed with SSSC’s Auto Creeper. The best plants from this batch were selected and back-crossed to stabilise the strain. The result is a very productive and potent auto-flowering strain with a wonderfully strong effect. It’s clear that there are two phenos, one a bit more Cookie-like and the other one is extremely fruity. The plants can grow really tall for an auto strain at 100-200 cm. and it is a very bushy plant with a lot of side-branching so much so that single plants can produce bumper harvests. Fat Pete’s Cookies also does very well in a SoG set up. The Super Sativa test team was over the moon about this strain and especially the fruity tropical phenotype was much appreciated.

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By growing Fat Pete’s Cookies you will be assured of top quality weed within 12 – 13 weeks from germination with a potent, uplifting, stoney effect.


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