The Aardvarks Marijuana Growers Giveaways and Promotions for 2019 Top List

Alright fellow growers, smokers and youtube grow show creators. I have been working hard towards creating the best promotions and giveaways to help spread some growers karma around the world.

Below you will find the best promotions, discounts and freebies that I have found online AND have included the best grower training and certification options for those who want to up their grow game AND actually get paid LEGALLY and PROFESSIONALLY.

Aardvarks Top 2019 Grower Certification Training

Master Grower Certification – According to google, many certified growers are pulling in $120k per year and most after the first 3 years are in the HIGH 6 figures once dialed in with the right company.

The training is 100% online and I have seen many growers start here and have killer jobs within months of starting their 420 friendly job search.

I haven’t found a similar profession where you can invest less than $600 in your future and come out with a 6 figure income LEGALLY.

Aardvarks Top 2019 Marijuana Seed Promotions

Enter Discount Code: 20AS-661091 at the link below and get an additional 20% off all seed orders. Hurry while I still can offer this code.

Marijuana Seed Discount – I have been going through this company for years and they have never failed me. The prices are killer and right now they have some crazy deals.

I have been able to get some rare marijuana seed packs that normally sell for $200+ for less than $60 a pack!!!

They ship discreet to the United States AND I have never had an issue with customs or my seeds getting confiscated EVER with them.

Aardvarks Top 2019 Marijuana Seed and Grower Supplies Giveaways

Now with certain websites and social media platforms there are certain cans and cannots that I have to abide by. If you want to stay up to date on the giveaways then bookmark this page as ALL giveaway information will be posted here and in some instances won’t be able to mention the giveaways through certain social contact points.

All giveaways however will be 100% legal and only those of the right age and city/state legal will be allowed to win. With the huge rise in legal, medical and recreational rights these days I feel that about 99.9% of you can win but there are a few states where I will not send to and for obvious reasons.

If you live in a state where growing is illegal or frowned upon etc then work locally to CHANGE the environment and how people see marijuana and those who grow it. Help wake people up and create the change.

How To Qualify For The Aardvarks Giveaways?

I have had giveaways over the years and have given out seeds, growing supplies, lights, smoking accessories, books and more. I feel that sending out positive karma is the best way to help others want to do the same.

All you need to do to qualify is to share this promotions page on at least two social media sites of your choice and then post a comment below when done. I have the comments set to private on this page to reduce spam but make sure to use a valid email address for giveaway updates.

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