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I’m always picking fresh buds from my girls cause I never save enough to last me until the next crop is ready. Or I’ll lose a mother and have to start from seed which adds a few weeks to the, I’ll be able to start getting samples time.

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And there is nothing worse than trying to smoke a wet bud. Well, that might be stretching it a bit, but anyway…

I’ve tried the microwave and oven when you don’t want to wait for proper drying/curing and they don’t work well enough.

The best way to dry some bud like the one in the photo in a hurry is using an oil filled heater. They’re easy to move around and control, heat up fast and in about 45 to 90 minutes, you’ll have buds dry enough to roll a joint if you want to. 45 to 90 sounds long, well it is after all, but, I can’t find anything else even close to this method that works as well.


Using the this type of heater works well for weed that’s been cured already and doesn’t crumble the right way to roll a joint too. Put cured buds on the heater for about 10 minutes and it will crumble perfectly for joint rolling. The 2nd photo is the bud after 10 minutes on the heater. It’s perfect!

Lay down a sheet of white copy paper on the heater or you can use a paper plate (make sure it’s paper, not foam!), put your trimmed nuggets down cutting them off the stem and place a sheet of white copy paper on top. On top of that use a newspaper type magazine as the final layer. If you get a weekly local paper, that would work fine.


dry your weed on an oil heater

Let it sit on high heat and in no time they’ll be ready.

WARNING: don’t forget about your buds or they’ll be dryer than your mouth.

I would love to hear your opinion and/or comments and I’ll answer any question you may have.

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