High THC Seeds | High THC Strains Top 10 List 2021

High THC Seeds Top List For 2021

Alright so for 2021 there are plenty of high thc seeds to choose from. The main problem though is locating a solid seed bank to order them through. I have tested dozens upon dozens of seed banks over the years when looking to buy marijuana seeds. Let’s just say that some are good, some are terrible and there are a few that are down right amazing to deal with.

9lb Hammer And Yes I have grown this strain and made a few crosses with her. I made some f2’s as well with my keeper males and 3 keeper female phenos. I still have a ton of these seeds that I am planning on running outdoors this year.

2021 is going to be a blast when it comes to growing super potent high thc strains. The 9lb hammer f2s I have and the 9lb hammer x sssdh are very potent. I want to get them tested but need to wait for all this lockdown b.s. to hurrys its ass up and be done with it.

Buy High THC Seeds [2021 Updated List]

You can see the daily updated list of High THC Strains currently available through seedsman at the link below this screenshot of these pretty pretty plants (-;

Enter Discount Code: 20AS-661091 and get up to 30% off your ENTIRE seed order + free seeds Buy Seeds Here

Buy Seeds Here – This will take you to the current high thc strain list from seedsman and current availability list.

Enter Discount Code: 20AS-661091 during checkout at the link above and it will give you a discount of up to 30% off the entire high thc seeds order + you get free seeds as a bonus.

There are other seed banks with offers BUT right now the discount they offer is too damn hard to pass up. Don’t forget to check out the huge list of seeds below and buy them all LOL before I do (-;

High THC Seeds That You Should Buy

Buy Seeds Here

  • Alaskan Purple
  • Gelat.OG
  • Bruce Banner
  • The White OG
  • Lemon Zkittle
  • Daiquiri Lime
  • Sweet Amnesia Haze
  • Sweet Cheese XL
  • Shiva Skunk
  • Bubba Cookies
  • Banana Sherbert x Chocolate
  • Deluxe Orange
  • Blue Fire
  • 24 Carat
  • Gorilla Glue #4 S1
  • Triangle Glue #4
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Godfather OG
  • Royal Gorilla
  • Best Strains of all time
  • Gorilla Glue #4 x Lilly

High THC Strains Are In Short Supply and HIGH Demand

One thing to remember though, there are some strains that once they are gone they will be gone forever. Like the old school romulan from federation seeds. That is a strain that I still wish I could get back but all there really are is watered down versions of it nowadays. Man do I wish I kept my romulan x ducksfoot cross from my icmag days…

So if you see something worth buying, I say buy it now!

Sending positive growers karma to everyone reading! The AardVark

Remember when trying to buy marijuana seeds online, it only works when you go through a legit seed bank. The link I shared above with the 30% discount code is a legit seed bank and has helped tens of thousands of growers get their seeds safely and without them getting confiscated at the border or through usps.

Through the above link, I have ordered dozens of times without a single issue. All the seeds were legit AND they arrived safely. The germination rates have also been amazing which means they stock fresh high thc seeds.

30% 35% THC Strains

Now the quest to 30% for high thc strains has been achieved. Many seeds on that updated list linked to above can easily peak 30 thc. There are also plenty in the 25% thc range that will still knock your socks off to say the least lol.

One thing though, imagine turning those high thc terpene dripping plants into some rosin? That is exactly what I am going to do with my higher thc strains that I am currently running including the 9lb hammer.

High THC Strains

I am working on a list of high thc strains worth growing. As I get it compiled, I will make sure and post all of the strains right here and links to where you can still buy them. I have listed a few of my favorites further up this page though.

Make sure and check that list out and HOPE that one or more are available for you to buy. I try and order at least a couple packs from 3 different seed banks each month. I have a feeling that soon these are going to be more valuable than gold.

Here is one of my 9lb hammer f2 girls under one of my older led grow lights. I run my leds until they start to fail and then I run them until they are completely done LOL. I have actually Frankenstein’d a few panels together using parts that worked from various led grow lights.

Up-cycle or recycle as best I can and when I can LOL. The ballasts tend to last longer than the led diodes so it only makes sense to reuse the ballasts and just grab some new leds to plug into them. Not fully diy unless you cut wires like I did and have to do some soldering LOL.

2021 High THC Strain List To Check Availability On Daily

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  • DOS SI DOS 33
  • G13 HAZE

The above strain list are the ones that I would keep an eye out for in 2021. You will see many of these disappear and end up in collections all over the world. People are starting to realize ( exactly what I have ), screw hoarding toilet paper or buying gold bullion… You need to start getting quality genetics, whether that be marijuana seeds or vegetable seeds.

The Future Of Quality Genetics Being Available

Start producing your own meds and stop relying on others for the herb you know full well that you can easily grow on your own. If you need help getting started growing, get into a growers forum online. Start making friends with fellow smokers on social media.

I would not worry about why cannabis seeds are $10 a piece. The amount of times I have LAUGHED at people who said they would never spend $10 for a seed has NEVER grown a quality plant in their lives before.

An average indoor high yielding potent as hell plant can give you a couple ounces all day. One ounce of quality bud can get $200 to $500 depending on where you live and legality. This “Barter Price”, is also perfect if and when the shit does hit the fan. Try and think of a better bartering item than marijuana? Oh, I know… Marijuana Seeds!

There are certain seed banks that offer their genetics at insane prices though. Some I will stay away from BUT I do not fault them IF they truely believe that a pack of their seeds could be worth $500 to $2500 a pack. I have personally seen people pay $1k for a clone of a very specific cut before SO I say if you want it and willing to pay it then go for it!

The value really is in the genetics and the time it took for the breeder to get the strain to where it is today. For example, I have worked on a good 10 strains and crosses over my years growing marijuana. I have always loved doing crosses, pollen chucking and seeing what the new genetics will look like.

You can work on one strain for YEARS, I know this because I have been doing that myself. Now if I ever decide to release my genetics to the world, what would I consider it worth? My decade plus years working towards where I am right now? I would say priceless, and I am crazy and would totally just do another giveaway like I normally do (-;


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