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Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box

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Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Boxes 2021

Get the Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box shipped discreetly to your door. This monthly subscription from hippiebutler.com will include everything you will need to enjoy your favorite plant. The thing that I find really cool is the fact that they have monthly price points for ALL OF US!

Hippie Butler

This means that you can start small and test the hippie butler subscription out and cancel OR upgrade and go for a larger box the next month. Right now I have tested all of them EXCEPT for the big one. That is the one I think I will pull the trigger on this year OR maybe even a larger one IF they come out with a new box.

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There are a ton of hippie butler unboxing videos on youtube, theweedtube, instagram and twitter so check those out. Below you will see the different price points AND I suggest you look into each of them because they all offer something a bit different.

It does look like they have had more and then less options in 2020. From what I can tell 2021 is going much better as far as getting “420 products” in stock and available for us. That is one thing that I noticed since this lockdown stuff started and it has made getting inventory a pain in the butt for companies.

We, however will always support fellow marijuana companies especially during the hard times! Am I right? I know there are plenty of good souls here.

Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Sign Up Link

You can check out the entire selection of “Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box” options OR look below to see what all is included in the different price point options. I just find the whole thing fun as hell.

Who doesn’t like getting new 420 gear month in and month out? I know I do because I tend to run out of common smoking items that they ALWAYS include each month for me. Thank you Hippie Butler!

What is included in each of the hippie butler subscription levels?

  • The Party Favor – $1.00 per month An invitation to the world’s hippest party!
  • Rollers Club – $15.99 Per Month For those who love the art of rolling. (Includes glass!).
  • Butler Box – $32.99 Per Month The ultimate selection for the smoker who wants more. (Most popular!).
  • Masters Club – $139.99 Per Month This is for the connoisseurs.
  • Mod Sun Opulent Box – $799 One Time Featuring limited edition collaboration products by Hippie Butler, Mod Sun and ROOR.

Check out the current prices of each of the hippie butler subscription boxes

Hippie Butler Unboxing Video

If you do a hippie butler unboxing video please let me know so I can watch it. I find it fun to see what everyone else is getting in their hippiebutler.com boxes as well. I used to have a ton of unboxing videos here but youtube and vimeo tend to be back and forth on what “all ages” means these days.

I will end up setting up my own video hosting account so I can have unique video content and will for sure post a ton of unboxing videos for everyone to enjoy. You will also be able to submit your unboxing videos which will get featured here and in our newsletter.

There is no point in posting videos on my site IF the content itself can’t be viewed by people UNLESS they login to their youtube. Privacy matters to me and I don’t really care what youtube has been doing to our industry and the various bans they keep giving us.

Our plant is legal in most countries, smoking or ingesting it is legal for grown ass adults so what gives youtube? Have you seen the disgusting shit you can find on youtube? I had my last youtube account banned with 30k+ subscribers for posting a video on “how to make moon rocks”?

I am however looking into getting my own video hosting service so I can offer inhouse videos of the strains, seeds and promotions that have and will happen right here on BUYWEEDSEEDS ORG.

Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box Reviews

Also if there is another monthly subscription box that you think I need to try out please post it as a comment below or message me here or through twitter anytime. I am having a blast with the hippie butler boxes but you know us stoners, we tend to want to test out a ton of shit.

Just like marijuana strains, I can’t count how many I have grown over the years and would still never say there is ONE perfect strain. Variety is always a good thing when it comes to life.

Sending positive growers karma your way! The Aard Vark

These also make great birthday gifts btw, friends can send them to their buddies and I believe you can also just send one as a tester versus getting locked into a monthly subscription service. Now if you are a really good friend then maybe you will pay for a couple months but they better be damn well worth it LOL.

List Of 420 Friendly Subscription Boxes In 2021

That is right folks, I am going to put a fun list together after I test a few other monthly subscription boxes from other companies. I know there are some that cater to smokers, dabbers, cbd lovers and just marijuana related merch.

I want to try them all AND if you know of a really fun marijuana monthly subscription box TELL ME ABOUT IT DAMNIT lol!!!!

Right now I have a list of 10-ish of them. Some look far more legit than others ( tbh ) but I do know that this sort of sub box is new in our industry. I can’t wait for complete legalization and decriminalization because imagine getting random nugs from all over the world getting shipped to your door each month.

I would love to be able to test out multiple strains from multiple growers, wouldn’t you? Now I know they do it with cbd bud BUT that is not my style of smoke. I know that cbd can and is helpful BUT what comes from the marijuana plant versus the hemp plant is drastic.

Look into where your cbd comes from with the products you buy. My cbd comes from the extracts I create from the personal and legal marijuana that I grow for myself. Sorry I sometimes rant BUT people need to know this stuff darn it LOL.

What Would Be The Perfect Marijuana Subscription Box Contents and Price Point?

Now here is a question that I would love for you all to help me answer. What would you want in your subscription box and more important, what would be the monthly price you would be happy to pay for it.

The reason I ask, there are many companies popping up all the time and I wouldn’t mind helping them by putting together a business plan strategy for their subscription service to give them a better chance at surviving.

While there are plenty of business plans for a subscription service company, our industry is just a bit different and for those from OUTSIDE OUR INDUSTRY there are many things that they will not really know about or understand.

You can tell the difference between a sub service that is ran by smokers and 420 friendly bad asses and those who saw a solid industry and wanting to cash in on it. I am fine with both making it big BUT isn’t it far more fun to support other smokers?

No matter which one you test out, don’t forget to let me know what sort of cool stuff you got in yours. You better promise!!!! LOL, sending positive growers karma to everyone reading this and hope your 2021 is much better than the 2020 was for most of us.

The AardVark 

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