Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2019)

Get the Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box shipped discreetly to your door. This monthly subscription from hippiebutler.com will include everything you will need to enjoy your favorite plant.

Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription

Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box


What is included in each of the Hippie Butler subscription levels?

The Party Favor

 $1.00 per month An invitation to the world’s hippest party!

Rollers Club

$15.99 Per Month For those who love the art of rolling. (Includes glass!).

Butler Box

$32.99 Per Month The ultimate selection for the smoker who wants more. (Most popular!).

Masters Club

$139.99 Per Month This is for the connoisseurs.

Mod Sun Opulent Box

$799 One Time Featuring limited edition collab products by Hippie Butler, Mod Sun and ROOR.

Hippie Butler Unboxing Video

If you do a Hippie Butler unboxing video please let me know so I can watch it. I find it fun to see what everyone else is getting in their hippiebutler boxes as well.

Hippie Butler Monthly Subscription Box Reviews

Also if there is another monthly subscription box that you think I need to try out please post it as a comment below or message me here or through twitter anytime.

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