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7 Tricks To Get Old A$$ Marijuana Seeds To Germinate in 2019

I germinated 5+ year old marijuana seeds this week and the results were more surprising than I thought they would be.

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I recently emptied out my storage unit and found a stash of marijuana seeds from at least 5 years ago. I think they are closer to 7 years old BUT I know they are at least 5 years old so let’s go with that for an overall guestimation.


To my surprise, there were 2 strains which included the 9 pound hammer ( also known as 9lb hammer ) from jinxproof and super silver sour diesel haze from connoisseur genetics ( also known as sssdh ).

I had 10x 9 pound hammers and 2x sssdh seeds to work with.

9lb hammer

Before I get to the bad news, let’s get the great news shared with all of you.

9 out of 10 of the 9 pound hammer seeds sprouted and 1 of the 2 sssdh seeds sprouted.

For being over 5 years old, I was wondering what the germination rates might be and they were far better than I expected.

germinating marijuana seeds

During this test and many others over the years I have located 7 tricks that can get the most stubborn old ass marijuana seeds to pop for you.

I have them listed below and remember that you can use one or all of these tricks to get your seeds to sprout especially if they are older.

sprouting marijuana seeds

Trick #1 Freezer Method

I have used this trick when I have stubborn or hard shelled seeds to deal with. It works perfect for old marijuana seeds as well.

All you need to do is place your marijuana seeds in a plastic bag or as I prefer a small glass vial with a sealed top ( pic to come ). and put uncooked white rice in it to help with any possible moisture that can happen.

This not only helps remove moisture but kick starts the seeds into thinking that it is going through a winter and after the thaw, it will be their time to shine and start popping out of those shells.

So, if you have tried to get old seeds to crack open and sprout, try the freezer method. I tend to leave the seeds in there for at least a week but have had great results leaving them in a freezer for only 3 days.

When you remove them, remember to open the bag or unscrew the lid and let the seeds breath and get rid of the possible moisture from going from frozen to a thawed environment. Another reason why the rice kernels are worth keeping in there with your seeds.

Trick #2 Shot Glass Method

marijuana seed germination

Trick #3 Hydrogen Peroxide Method

Trick #4 Dunk and Drown Method

germinate old marijuana seeds

Trick #5 Paper Towel Method

Trick #6 Cable Box Method

getting old marijuana seeds to germinate

Trick #7 Take Off Their Head Method

marijuana germinating old seeds

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