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How to Pass the Hair Drug Test Your Job Gives You


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Okay. Since you’re here reading this right now, I can conclude one thing: You are guilty of using something you shouldn’t be using for whatever reasons you may have. With that being said, I have good news and bad news for you. In respect to all the movies I’ve watched that uses this exact same line, I will start with the good news to lift your spirits up.

The good news is that I really don’t have anything against you for using illegal substances,whatever they may be. You can get high on nail
polish for all I care; I know you have your own reason for doing things and I respect that. Now, here comes your least favorite part.

The bad news is that the drug test is still going to happen. In other words, you’re like a sitting duck waiting for your impending doom. Unfortunately, not everyone is like me who understands or rather, just remains apathetic about the things you do. Not everyone understands the concept behind personal choice, after all – especially when that someone is the boss of the company you work for.

The reason why drug tests happen is quite simple. We’re all selfish creatures in the end so we all want what is best for our own interests. In your boss’s case, he would want what is best for the company (check this out). Everything he does, every mandate that gets carried out is for the good of the company’s operations. This means that you doing drugs is not helping achieve your employer’s objectives and that is why he wants to locate and weed you out of the equation.

Now, this situation should be fine and all except for one eye-popping truth: You can’t lose your job. You have so many bills stuck to your refrigerator magnet that losing your only thread of hope is plain suicide. Not to mention, you’re living on rent and groceries from Walmart. There is no way you can afford such a lavish lifestyle when you’re terminated from work.

As to why you’re doing drugs amidst these circumstances, I do not know. Escapism, maybe? Anyway, that is your business and something you alone should handle. For now, I’m just going to help you get through this worst case scenario. Why? Let’s just say I’m feeling up to it.

Let’s start by identifying the problem here.

You are due for a drug test; that much is evident. Now, as to how soon this drug test is due on, I can only guess. So I’m going to give you a couple of methods to deal with the situation depending on the time frame you have left before the examination happens. As per the title, I am going to enlighten you on methods that should be effective in dealing with hair drug tests. Again, this will not work if the testing method used is other than the hair follicle. Other tests include urine, saliva, and blood tests – all of which have corresponding countermeasures but we won’t talk about them here. We’ll save it for another day. If you want to read about the most common type of test, urine, click here:

Anyway, if your company has announced the type of test and it’s a hair follicle test then what you are about to read below might just save you from your impending termination. Consider yourself lucky to have come across this information not a moment too soon. Let’s start by defining what a hair follicle test is:

What Is A Hair Follicle Test?

drug testing hair follicle test

Just as the testing name suggests, this test would involve getting a sample of your hair follicle. This is actually one of the less painful and icky methods of drug examining. Drug traces are often deposited in various part of the body – usually in the fluids. This is why we have urine, blood, and saliva tests. It is studied that traces of chemical residues may be identified and isolated from bodily fluids. Aside from these three tests, a more recent and advanced drug test has been developed. This is the hair drug test.

As in the case of the other drug tests, it is researched that drug traces may be deposited in the follicles of hair. In fact, it has been found that residues of drug compounds stay longer in the follicles which mean that even if the drug user stopped using illegal substances in order to prepare for an upcoming examination, it may still traced in this part of the body. So for avid users, like yourself maybe (I’m just assuming so no hard feelings, okay?), this means big trouble. It means that the normal stop and go method is not going to work this time.

How Can I Prepare For A Hair Follicle Test?

6 Months or Longer

If you have around 6 months to prepare for a drug test (some companies administer routine examinations so you can pretty much predict the date of the test), you can go for the traditional method of detoxifying. It is the safest way to pass a test. After all, you can cleanse your body fully with this amount of time – you might even have enough time to cleanse your entire colon. Eat greens, drink lots of fluids, and slowly but surely discontinue your use. ]

3 Months or Longer

If you have just half the time to prepare, then aside from complete cessation of use and detoxifying methods, you should also increase your intake of water. More water means you’ll pee more and you’ll perspire more. This is a good way of preparing for all types of test. Even your follicles will be cleansed if you sweat a lot and three months is still a lot of time to prepare.

A Month or Less

Now this is when the going gets tough. If it comes to this, you may opt to use hair follicle shampoo – a shampoo mixture specifically formulated to reach deep into the hair roots and flush out traces or residues of chemicals. Use it a couple of times, more often as the test draws near, and just don’t take any questionable substance for the time being. You’ll be okay.

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