Ice Cream Cake Strain

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Ice Cream Cake Strain Information

The Ice Cream Cake Strain has an amazing amount of “bag appeal” There are a couple breeders who make this strains and the versions can be a bit different depending on phenotype.

Overall it is made from the Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 parents which gives it that couchlock feeling. Perfect for those who have trouble sleeping or chronic pain. Some say it is decent for anxiety but I have seen plenty of people feel like it is too strong for them.

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With that, I would say that it is not for beginners UNLESS you micro dose and learn your tolerance with the Ice Cream Cake strain itself.

There is an awesome purple pheno but finding that in a pack a seeds is difficult for some. Most growers will run the Ice Cream Cake plants during the winter or whenever it is cooler to further pull the purple out of the buds.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Yield

This strain performs damn well! Come on now, you get the purple cut and yields plus the terpene profile on these girls is well ahead of most others for sure.

Outdoors you can pull elbows all day. Indoors it really all depends on your setup. A simple 4×4 could easily pull an elbow or more depending on the lighting and your “green thumb”. Running at least 1000 watts or 1k equivalent with led grow lights will produce solid dense nugs.

This is a strain that I am going to put into one of my breeding projects. I have a really potent 9lb hammer cross that I created in 2020 that I will use a male from. There is also my keeper males and females from the 9lb hammer f2 x sssdh crosses I did as well.

So many options but one thing, the genetics within the ice cream cake strain are worth putting into a breeding project even if it just a quick pollen chucking event LOL.

Most states allow anywhere from 6-12 plants. Average yourself 2-4 ounces per plant and you will soon see that growing your own especially this killer icecream cake is worth it.

Do your best to locate the purple phenotype if you can. I would keep a clone or two of that cut for sure. I am going to buy a few more packs and see what sort of phenos I can locate. There are also plenty of crosses out there that have the ice cream cake strain in it.

Keep an eye out in 2021 for the new crosses that will start coming out. I bet there will also be a peyote crossed and back crossed options ( they probably already exist somewhere ).

Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

I have a few I want to put together especially since I am working on an f2 and a bx1 version that I will soon be gifting in my next giveaway so stay tuned for that update. There are not many reviews on the ice cream cake strain flower but with the concentrates they are all over the place.

Yes, there are plenty of review sites about this strain ( mostly dabs and concentrate reviews ) and many others BUT most “review sites” these days are fake… My suggestion is to run it yourself and see how it goes for you. Too many people love the hell out of this strain and for good reason.

I do my best to not worry about what others have to say about strains online UNLESS it is a grower that I respect. If you decide to not buy a certain strain solely due to you reading some random review online then you are doing a huge disservice to yourself.

There are only a few breeders who I would NEVER order seeds from again BUT I give ALL breeders and seed banks a chance at least once and I hope you do as well.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Seeds

You can check the current price and availability of the ice cream cake seeds here

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Below is information from gelatoseeds but the link says vanilla ice cream cake and portions say just ice cream so I am unsure on the exact details but the strain cross description looks accurate to me. I will update this content if/when I see new updates or verified details.

Wedding Cake x Gelato33

Sugary sweet, vanilla, lemon mint gas.
Indica: 75% Sativa: 25%
Flowering time: 65 days
THC: 25%

“Novice weed users love Ice Cream strain for its taste. It’s sweet and nutty, so it feels like walnut ice cream. Indica heavily dominates over Sativa with 75% in this plant. That’s what makes it perfect for combating depression, anxiety, and overwhelming stress. This is also a nice choice for those who are looking for pain relief.

Although it’s an Indica-dominant strain that will make you calm, it’s still good for morning use if your day isn’t too busy. Ice Cream is one of the favorite weeds among musicians, artists, writers, and other creatives. We recommend moderate and responsible use, since the side effects of dizziness and paranoia can overwhelm beginners.

Obviously, marijuana isn’t just used to get high. it has a range of health benefits after all. In terms of Ice Cream Cake, it helps the most with stress. This is due to the high level of relaxation it brings. If you suffer from insomnia, this makes it perfect for you.

This also helps it be very effective when tackling anxiety.

In terms of physical ailments, ICC has been known to be effective for muscle spasms and cramps.

If you have a sweet tooth, Ice cream cake will drive you wild. Its taste isn’t the only thing that will do this, but its appearance as well.

It has a sticky layer of Trichomes, making it look like it has a sugar glazing. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was hard candy.

Its appearance is also appealing. Its surface is a combination of green and purple. You have green nugs with a slight purple undertone, which looks a lot like mint ice cream. The slight purple adds a pastel pop of color which is appreciated.

Ice Cream Cake smells like a sweets dispensary. It’s sweet like a vanilla cake, yet earthy. The moment you take a hit, you’ll feel the sugar like scent encapsulates your entire airway.

In terms of the earthiness, it’s not overpowering. In fact, it adds a complementary contrast to the scent of sugar. The earthiness is reminiscent of the rinds of lemon, mixed with a spice like pepper. In a way, it’s a lot like carrot cake.

Like its scent, the taste is extravagant. Many say it’s like eating a big scoop of vanilla cake along with ice cream. Obviously, you’re not so it’s a good hack if you want to get high while on a diet.

Although it tastes a lot like vanilla cake, it has a velvety texture that’s a lot like cheesecake. In fact, you’ll taste a hint of it as well.”

Purple Ice Cream Cake Strain

Yes, the purple ice cream cake strain phenotype is the one to search seed packs for. I had a keeper purple cut BUT I am still after the elite version of the purple ice cream cake strain itself. If you have grown the elite pheno, please let me know what your overall thoughts were on it.

The potency in the purple is a bit less than the green BUT I know I can bring that potency back up with a couple bx breeding projects. I can’t wait to run it with my purple 9 lb hammer f2 male and see what sort of crosses will come out of that project.

The gelato and wedding cake lineage really offers some exciting crosses.


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