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Indoor LED Grow Show 2019

The Aardvarks’

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LED Marijuana Grow Show

I am not sure if this has ever happened to you while going through storage BUT damn am I happy it happened to me. After having this storage unit for 5 plus years I honestly had no clue what I would end up finding.

I found myself 5+ year old marijuana seeds and by two very respected breeders imho. I found a 2 pack of super silver sour diesel haze and a 10 pack of 9lb hammer. What I love is the fact that both of these strains are regular seeds.

If possible, I do my best to stay away from feminized and auto strains. I have ran all types BUT when I am looking into possible breeding projects, all I want is the real deal regular marijuana strain genetics to work with.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

I thought I was going to have more difficultly than I did when I started my marijuana germination process. I normally start by tossing the seeds in a shot glass filled half way with water and a cap full of hydrogen peroxide.

I shove the seeds down into the water/hydrogen peroxide mixture a few times to make sure the full shell is submerged and then leave them be for a day or two.

After a couple days, all of the seeds have sunk to the bottom which means they were ready for the next step.

Paper Towel Method

I then toss the seeds into a wet paper towel and seal it in a tupperware container or a plastic bag ( it acts like a small greenhouse to increase the humidity ) and place it on something warm. You can use a cable box, top of a computer, alarm clock, certain fridges OR be smart and get a germination mat and control the temp correctly.

After a few days I had tap roots showing on all of the seeds. I actually got 100% germinate rates. The place I lost a couple was after I placed them in soil and a couple had a hard shell problem.

I had to rescue a few of them from their shells and others were just to stuck in there to really be able to free them so I tossed them in compost.

Placing The Plants In Containers

I started them in small containers and like most plants I toss a few in the same containers. There is no point for me to waste space if one doesn’t pop so I like to put 2-3 per small pot. I find working this way versus the large seedling trays to be easier to work with within a 4×4 grow tent.

As they got larger, I then started to split them off into their own individual larger 1 gallon grow pots to finish out their vegging ( well at least until the sexing of the plants finalizes ).

A Couple Weeks Vegging Marijuana Plants

The 9lb hammer is doing great. I like seeing the different phenotypes that are starting to show up. I only have the one sssdh and man am I hoping it ends up being a male. With a male, I will have much more ability to work with the genetics than if it was just a female plant.

Time will tell but no matter what its genetic making ends up being, I know I will find a place for it within my future breeding projects.

Are You Going To Flower Them Or Make Them Moms

I need to first sex them all and see what I am working with. Any of the males that I feel I want to possibly “flower” out will immediately be topped and a clone taken of it to clone and put in a small growing container.

I can then do pollen runs later on with each male and collect and store the pollen for future breeding projects and marijuana seed giveaways that are in the future.

What Are Your Plans For The 9lb Hammer and SSSDH Genetics?

I have always wanted to grow the 9lb hammer because of the genetics within the strain itself. I have grown stuff from tga but never worked with jinxproof so I had to grab a pack. When I bought the pack I also received a freebie strain which happened to be the sssdh by connoisseur genetics. I was more than excited to get at least one of the super silver sour diesel haze to pop out of the two old seeds I had.

It really all depends on what the plants do and if they are worth keeping around after the first grow or two. I don’t grow based on a name or hype so it has to work for me or those I know for it to stay a keeper.

With the genetics within them though, it would be hard to not find a keeper within the seeds that did germinate.

January 20th 2019 Grow Show Updates

It has been a minute since I updated this page. Been busy setting up my youtube channel and getting my future projects all ironed out. Right now I have my videos shot in a black and white style to remove the strong blue color that comes from my led grow light.

The great part about setting everything up is I can get it all put together the way I need and want it. I have already found all of video/audio gear that I want to use.

I am also getting my various grow areas lined out so they will have killer video and still photo shot angles. In the mean time though, I am steadily building up my subscriber base and enjoying growing again.

How To Get Free Marijuana Seeds?

If you are wanting to participate in my various giveaways there are a few things you need to do. You need to watch all my videos on this page all the way through. You need to be a subscriber and you need to post at least one comment on ANY video that I have on my channel.

marijuana plant group shot

I am working towards getting above 2,000 subscribers again. I have had this channel for many years but got out of the youtube game for awhile and went off the grid.

I am super excited to get back into documenting my various marijuana breeding projects and have always loved giving stuff away.

The fun part about growing your own plants is watching them grow over time. If you didn’t get the pictures and videos, you never would notice just how quickly they change each and every day.

If you haven’t gotten started growing your own, you really need to get started. It isn’t that difficult to do and once you get that green thumb everything will just start to click for you.

9lb hammer growing

In the coming weeks I will have cut clones of these 9 pound hammers. Soon after that will be my favorite part which is getting the plants into flower and seeing what phenotypes I want to run and work with.

cannabis plant led grow light

January 23rd 2019 Marijuana Veg Updates

The 9lb hammer and the sssdh are growing great. I am right around the corner from cutting clones, sexing them and tossing them in 12/12.

1-23-2019 marijuana grow

I know I will find keeper phenos within the 9lb hammer but still hoping the sssdh is a male so I can use that for breeding projects as well.

The sssdh has a LONG flower time and I would prefer to put those genetics into a faster flowering female like the 9lb hammer.

marijuana close up shot

I do think that a 9lb hammer x sssdh would be a killer cross. Hell even a 9lb hammer x 9lb hammer will be amazing. It has some great genetics within it and would love to see what pops in the f1-f7 breeding projects from it.

9lb hammer

February 2019 Led Grow Tent Updates

These girls are growing so fast. Some are around 2ft tall but an overall average of about 15 inches give or take.

I have a ton of projects in store for the 9 lb hammer and also hope to turn the sssdh female ( I think ) into a great breeding female for my pack of male hammers to pollen chuck all over.

The other great update is that I will be ordering a few rosin presses to work with later in the season. I am excited to finally be able to run concentrates without any sort of solvent.

As you can see in the video update ( with pictures ), the girls and guys are growing great. I can’t wait to get these running in flower.

March 2019 Updates And Great Marijuana Growing News

Watch the video above and you will see how big the girls and boys are getting. My new grow tent is FINALLY on its way and should be here in the next week.

I will then take cuts of all of the parent plants and then toss all of these plants in flower to sex them. Soon I will see how many females I really have to run with and what males I need to cull and just keep the genetics in the veg tent.

Check this page for my grow updates as I will update this before forums or social media sites.

Marijuana Grow Show Playlist

At the top of the page you will see the first video. I have set it up so as new videos are posted they will automatically be added to that video. Feel free to watch the whole grow from the start OR skip ahead videos and find the content that you are searching for.

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