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The cannabis industry was set ablaze by Professor Mikos’ paper about how shipping marijuana across state lines may actually be Federally legal right now due to the Dormant Commerce clause in the US Constitution.  On our Green Rush LIVE show we sat down and discussed the legal argument presented in his paper with Professor Mikos.  We also had a an all-start cast of lawyers and state regulators joining us, including: Steve Hoffman – Head of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, Beau Whitney – cannabis economist and business consultant, David C. Pollock – New York cannabis attorney and advocate, Adam Smith – Founder of Alliance for Sensible Markets, Edward DeSousa – Managing Partner River Run Gardens, Andrew Kline – Senior Partner Perkins Cole, Professor Robert Mikos – Vanderbilt Law, David Rabinovitz – Green Rush Live, Curt Dalton – Cannabis.Net.

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