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The Green Rush LIVE is a 2-hour weekly cannabis business talk show produced by Pro Cannabis Media and hosted by Jimmy Young with co-host David Rabinovitz. This week, Curt Dalton from, fills in for Jimmy as the show discusses news issues in the cannabis market and conducts a deeper dive into specific topics of the industry. This week’s topic: Legacy to Legal Market – How Legacy Growers are Moving to the Legal Licensed Market? This week’s guests describe their legacy business and why they decided to go legal • What have been the challenges? • What has worked out well? • What do you wish you had done differently? • What part of the supply chain are you going into (cultivation, processing, delivery, retail, etc.) and how easy do you expect it to be to develop a legal client base?

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By Aardvark

How's it going fellow growers and smokers! I'm the Aardvark and have been growing and doing grow shows online for many years now. I have helped various companies launch as well as helped test grow for specific breeders trying to prove out certain strains and traits.