Mama Mia Feminized Seeds

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Mama Mia Feminized Seeds

If you haven’t heard of Mama Mia yet then you are in luck! This strain is a cross from a skunk and a mazari sharif. The Mama Mia Strain is actually very close ( genetics wise ) with the Mazari but does in fact finish much faster.

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Mama Mia Strain Description

Mama Mia is a sister strain to our much-loved Mazari. Mama Mia finishes sooner than Mazari though thanks to the influence of the earlier-flowering Skunk that was used in the breeding program to create it.

Although there are marked similarities with both strains Mama Mia is slightly more indica in growth pattern and structure, it being shorter, broader and with darker leaves than Mazari.

Mama Mia’s yields are good and the effect is not only smooth but long-lasting too. Recommended for all environments and grow-media, Mama Mia is ready to harvest with just 8 weeks of flowering and should be ready by the end of September or early October at the very latest when grown outdoors in the northern hemisphere.

Where To Buy Mama Mia Seeds Online

You can order mama mia seeds through seedsman, attitude seed bank, neptune and I do think that true north offers them as well. I have been using seedsman seeds more than the others BUT sometimes certain strains are not in stock so you have to expand your search.

There are plenty of growers who have ran the mama mia cuts indoors, outdoors and within greenhouses. I recently purchases 3 greenhouses. I will run some of these ( if I find the right cuts ) in one of the greenhouses. I want to see what the yields are when running straight in the ground versus running some in large fabric rounds.

Mama Mia Bud Shots

I should have plenty of mama mia bud shots in 2021. The veg pictures are not as fun as the flowering shots BUT I will take pictures of all stages of growth. I am after a few different phenotypes and hope to get a few keepers.

Mama Mia Flowering Time

The average flowering time for mama mia plants is around 8 weeks. This time can change for a few reasons. One main reasons is overfeeding the mama mia plants and another common one is lack of pest control. If growing indoors, make sure and keep an eye out for flying and crawling bugs in your grow area.

If you have dogs or cats, make sure they stay out of your growing area. Now with outdoors grows they normally finish during the end of September or early October at the very latest.

I have grown these indoors but can’t wait to run them outdoors but in a greenhouse. I know I can get them to finish a bit quicker when dealing with light dep options.

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