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Watch this new video that shows how I make clones.

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Lately, our clone success rate has been 99% (20% higher than Avg), and it’s specifically related

  • to using our soil mix
  • and watering with our nutrient mix versus using plain water

The mixes have even proven successful with 1″ cuttings. When using just a plain peat mix and water, we didn’t even try with cuttings that small anymore; we learned our lesson.

Pick out good looking candidates near the bottom of the plant with at least one set of leaves and snip them off as close to the stem as you can without harming it any further.

Cut off large leaves that may hang down touching the soil and lightly skin the end of the cuttings placing a small slice through the middle of the last 1/4″.

Mist it and dip it in your cloning powder and place it into the wet, small hole you poked in your seedling pot.

Clones from the bottom of plant work best
Small clone
Clone powder helps with success rate

Pat the soil around it and water until the mix is wet without soaking it (less is better than more).

For best results, place your seedling pot into a container and place that on a heating pad. Be patient as it can take 14 days or longer to notice the clone taking root and growing.

NOTE: The heating pad can cause faster drying so keep an eye on that; don’t let your clone or seedling for that matter dry out.

After your initial watering, a little mist to the leaves every day should be all the water your clones will need for the first two weeks.

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