How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely Online [2021]

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

If you are looking to find the best marijuana strains for 2021 as well as how to order them safely online AND have them arrive guaranteed to your door KEEP READING!!!

Right now you can get 20% off all seed orders through seedsman. They gave me a coupon code so I suggest you use it before I lose it! Also there is a 30% discount using the same coupon code for orders over $200 using the same exact code shown below!

Enter Discount Code: 20AS-661091 and get up to 30% off your ENTIRE seed order + free seeds Buy Seeds Here

20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE: 20AS-661091 and use it at:
30% Discount Code Marijuana Seeds

Seedsman rocks but you can check out attitude seeds or even better take a look at the current master grower salary and grow your own. I have bought through seedsman and attitude over the years and right now the best online marijuana seed bank has got to be seedsman!

Attitude Seeds Busted

A few years ago, the attitude seed bank had a ton of issues. They removed their affiliate program, they ended up taking a ton of cash ( technically ) from hundreds if not thousands of affiliates and partners without any notice.

There were many reports of them getting busted as well as plenty of customers not getting the seeds that they ordered and paid for.

I would suggest staying away from attitude seeds as best you can. Not a company worth doing business with anymore. One thing though, seedsman has a great coupon code that will take 10% 20 % 30% plus give you free regular seeds, feminized seeds and/or auto seeds as a thankyou just from ordering through them.

Seedsman Seeds

Growers have ordered safely through seedsmanseeds for going on a decade ( hell it could be even longer ) and I have never had an issue with seeds not being delivered. Never have I received bunk seeds or incorrect packaged seeds. They have always bred true to what they were described as.

Many people are worried about spending $100 on a pack of 10 seeds assuming that they might get ripped off. If you order through seedsman I can guarantee that everything is on the up and up. You can even take a look at the huge list of breeders that call seedsman seeds home.

How To Order Seeds Through

This couldn’t be any easier folks.

  1. go here: 
  2. pick out the strains you want
  3. place your order and enter discount code: 20AS-661091

What Marijuana Seeds To Buy

This is obviously a personal decision. You might want something to help you sleep, maybe something to help you get creative? There are really thousands of strains with various terpene profiles that you should look into before pulling the trigger on seed packs.

Now if you are asking my opinion based on 10+ years of growing my own weed? I have plenty of keepers and specific breeders that will always be in my marijuana seed collection.

Here are a few of my favorites but sometimes they are not available so snag them up if and when you see them on seedsman.

  • Gelat.OG Feminised Seeds
  • Girl Scout Crack Feminised Seeds
  • Golden Apple Haze Regular Seeds
  • High-THC Collection Auto Feminised Seeds
  • Monster Gelato Feminised Seeds

Regular Feminized or Autos?

Now this is a great question which gets asked here alot actually. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish to be honest. If you are working on your own strain, cross or just wanting to try your hand at pollen chucking then make sure and get regular seeds which will allow male and female plants.

If you want to just grow some weed, get some great clones ( ie: cuts ) then grab yourself some feminized seeds. You can also pollen chuck with one of the regular males onto a feminized girl and make killer seeds. You won’t have to deal with males or their pollen or BALLS lol if you go with fem seeds BUT you could have potentials for hermies in the mix so keep a close eye out for them.

Now if all you want is to grow some weed and not deal with different timers 12/12 on/off cycles at all then get yourself some automatic marijuana seeds. They will grow and mature under 24 hours of light and the light cycle doesn’t stop them from flowering. You will NOT be able to get clones from autos but you could technically still produce seeds with the regular auto versions which would allow for male/female plants.

It is easier to use autos male pollen then to try and pollinate a female auto due to how fast females autos finish.

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