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Let me start by saying that I have never once thought about investing in the stock market. It seemed boring, not really interesting AND I doubt the money was really all that exciting ( unless you are talking long term gains ).

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Other than waiting around for something to generating income, I could try my hand at day trading but as a pothead I know I will forget to do something and lose a ton of cash HA!

I started to see various Cannabis Companies come up in the news. Now when bitcoin came out, that ALMOST got me into investment mode. I do wish I jumped when I should have BUT you live and learn.

That is what leads me here, not wanting to miss the next gold rush, real estate boom, internet startup buy ups and so on.

The GREEN RUSH is on and I am onboard and know you want to take the ride with me.
Use this sign up link to get a free stock today
Use this sign up link to get a free stock today

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How To Get A Free Stock Today

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