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Original Glue Auto was created by crossing the original Glue with Nirvana’s special breeding auto-flowering male plant. Incredibly, Original Glue Auto retains all of the positive attributes of its forebear – high resistance, excellent yields of fat, sticky buds and very high potency. Well suited for beginner growers chasing the ultimate in auto indica effects and diesel, fuel, chocolate and coffee flavours and aroma.

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These plants grow to a height of 120 cm. and are very amenable for plant training such as tying down and also topping which will allow better development of more buds from better light penetration and further aided by the growth boost provided by tying down. This should be done during the first 3 – 4 weeks of its life. Original Glue Auto’s total life cycle from seed the harvest is 10 weeks with yields a very generous 400 – 500 g/m2. She is easy to grow, produces large harvests and is perfect for commercial growers, as well as beginner growers. Her resistance to cooler conditions and the winds outdoors makes it a great choice in less warm regions.

Original Glue Auto has sour citrus and earthy notes. THC production is high, between 17 – 22% and although suitable for beginner growers the effects may not not suitable for the complete novice smoker or vaper! Balanced, very relaxing and also social, it lends itself to focus for creative types.

Medical marijuana users may find Original Glue Auto useful for relieving depression and lifting low moods.


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