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Forget Federal Legalization – The SAFE Act is as Good and Can Still Pass

House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) just made good on one of the most ambitious goals of his career.

On Wednesday, Schumer released draft legislation of The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, a cannabis bill that would legalize cannabis at the federal level.

On the surface, this sounds like a watershed moment for the U.S. cannabis industry. Federal legalization would unleash the true potential of the U.S. cannabis industry. It would generate billions in new economic activity. It would also create thousands of new jobs and generate billions in taxes for state and local governments.

However, U.S. cannabis stocks fell sharply on the news.

The Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (MSOS) was down 3.5%, one of its worst days in the last few months.

12-Month Chart Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (MSOS)

Why would we see a significant drop after what seems like awesome news? This bill is a long shot to pass and Wall Street knows it.

Here are some more details from Politico.

Public opinion suggests there’s widespread bipartisan support for liberalizing cannabis laws, but that shift hasn’t translated to the Senate: Schumer has several reluctant members within his own caucus and will have to scrounge up at least 10 Republican votes for the legislation during an already chaotic Senate calendar filled with Biden administration priorities on infrastructure, police accountability and education. Schumer would also need to corner President Joe Biden — who has supported decriminalizing marijuana but not legalizing it — to sign the bill. Still, he’s projected confidence about his odds in the past.

Unfortunately, this cannabis bill looks dead on arrival, and that’s why the cannabis sector fell.

However, this drop is creating a big opportunity. I still see a high probability of cannabis reform this year with The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act.

The Industry’s 3 Big Problems

The SAFE Act would technically fall short of federal legalization. But it would fix three of the U.S. cannabis industry’s biggest financial problems.

#1 – Cannabis Companies Would Gain Enormous Tax Benefits

The IRS code known as 280E prevents cannabis companies from taking federal tax deductions available to other industries. This forces cannabis companies to pay significantly higher tax rates than other industries. The SAFE Act would offer the cannabis industry the same tax deductions as other industries and that would have a significant impact on financial performance.

#2 – Cannabis Companies Would Gain Access to Banking Services

Federally-backed banks such as Bank of America (BAC) and JP Morgan Chase (JPM) are currently banned from offering services to the cannabis industry. This has been a huge drag on the cannabis industry. Many small businesses are forced to operate in cash with no access to basic banking services. Once again the SAFE Act would give the cannabis industry access to the same banking services as other industries.

#3 – Cannabis Stocks Would Uplist from Junior Exchanges to Full Exchanges

U.S. cannabis stocks are currently banned from trading on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. That’s why U.S. cannabis stocks are mostly listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange and the U.S. over-the-counter (OTC) markets. The Safe Act would enable U.S. cannabis stocks to uplist to the major U.S. exchanges. This move would usher in millions of new investors into these stocks.

The SAFE Act isn’t long-shot legislation. This bill has already made serious progress in Congress.

The SAFE Act was introduced by Colorado Democrat Ed Perlmutter back in 2019. The SAFE Act has passed in the Democrat-controlled House four times, most recently in April of 2021.

Looking forward, I still see a strong probability this bill can clear the Senate in 2021. Here are some more details from JD Supra.

The bill was approved on a significantly bipartisan basis as 106 Republicans (approximately 50 percent of the caucus) joined 215 Democrats in favor. In 2019, a similar version of the legislation passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 321-103, including 91 Republicans in favor (only 46 percent of the caucus). The significant increase in Republican support coincides with the growing trend of legalization of medicinal and adult-use cannabis products at the state level over the last two years.

If the SAFE Act does pass, it would be an enormous victory for the U.S. cannabis industry. We expect cannabis stocks to spike higher on the news.

Risks to Consider

U.S. Senator Corey Booker (NJ), a co-sponsor of The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act with Schumer, has vowed to block any cannabis legislation that does not include full federal legalization.

The Big Picture

House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s new cannabis bill looks dead on arrival, causing cannabis stocks to fall in the last few days.

However, I still see a high probability of cannabis reform with the SAFE Act. If the SAFE Act passes it would create enormous financial benefits for the U.S. cannabis industry and would be a strong catalyst for U.S. cannabis stocks.

About the Author & Cannabis Stock Trades

Michael Vodicka is an equity analyst with more than 20 years of experience trading and investing. His research has been featured in some of the industry’s most respected publications. He has been investing and leading investors in the cannabis sector since 2013.

Mr. Vodicka brings his expertise and guidance to the members of Cannabis Stock Trades.

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Up 568% in 12 Months and More to Come?

When a stock is up 568% in 12 months that usually a good time to lock in some gains. However, the cannabis sector just created an exception.

GrowGeneration Corp. (NASDAQ: GRWG) is the largest retailer of specialty hydroponics and cultivation materials in the U.S. GrowGen currently own 55 stores, which include 20 locations in California, eight locations in Colorado, seven locations in Michigan, five locations in Maine and Oklahoma, two locations in Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Rhode Island, Florida, and Massachusetts. GrowGen also operates an online superstore for cultivators.

With the U.S. cannabis industry booming, Growgen has been cashing in on the trend. It’s hard to find another company delivering this kind of sales growth right now – Growgen’s first-quarter results were impressive. Here are a few highlights from the press release.

  • First-quarter revenue increased by 173%, to $90 million.
  • Comparable store sales for the quarter increased 51% from the prior year.
  • Record earnings of $0.10/share in the quarter.

GrowGen’s Impressive Stock Swing

Growgen’s impressive sales growth has been driving shares higher on the chart. Shares are up 568% in the last 12 months.

12-Month Chart GrowGeneration Corp. (NASDAQ: GRWG)

Due to the incredible growth, Growgen just announced that it will be included in the Russell 2000. The Russell 2000 is a popular and closely followed index of 2,000 small-cap stocks. Here are more details from the press release.

DENVER, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – GrowGeneration Corp. (NASDAQ: GRWG), (“GrowGen” or the “Company”), the nation’s largest chain of specialty hydroponic and organic garden centers, today was added as a member of the US small-cap Russell 2000® Index, effective after the US market opens on June 28, as part of the 2021 Russell indexes reconstitution. Membership in the Russell 2000® Index, which remains in place for one year, is based on membership in the broad-market Russell 3000® Index. The stock also was automatically added to the appropriate growth and value indexes.

Being included in the Russell 2000 is a big win for Growgen. Institutional fund managers use the Russell 2000 as a benchmark and that should drive more capital into shares of Growgen.

Inclusion in the Russell also gives Growgen additional credibility as one of the largest and most successful small-cap companies in the U.S. That should also get the attention of millions of individual investors.

Here’s what Growgen CEO Darren Lampert said.

Darren Lampert, CEO of GrowGeneration Corp., stated, “The inclusion in the Russell 2000 is a major corporate milestone and reflects the continued growth of our Company. GrowGen continues to focus on expanding the number of our hydroponic garden centers, while increasing revenue and net profit. We believe our Russell 2000 listing will increase long-term shareholder value by improving awareness, liquidity and appeal to institutional investors.”

The Big Picture on Growgen and the Russell 2000

Growgen is the largest retailer of specialty hydroponics in the U.S. The company has been cashing in on the high-growth, U.S. cannabis industry.

Recent first-quarter sales growth was impressive, driving up shares 568% in 12 months. Looking forward, we see more gains ahead after the company was included in the Russell 2000 stock index. This gives the company more publicity and should drive more capital into shares in the next 12 months.

About the Author & Cannabis Stock Trades

Michael Vodicka is an equity analyst with more than 20 years of experience trading and investing. His research has been featured in some of the industry’s most respected publications. He has been investing and leading investors in the cannabis sector since 2013.

Mr. Vodicka brings his expertise and guidance to the members of Cannabis Stock Trades.

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Cannabis Stocks Gain 6% in First Half of 2021

Cannabis stocks eked out a small gain in the first half of 2021. But the path to that small gain was quite bumpy.

The sector was on fire early in the year after the Democrats took the White House and both chambers of Congress. At one point in early February, the Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (NYSE: MSOS) was up more than 50%.

However, after hitting the new 52-week high, cannabis stocks fell into a bear market. After falling for most of the last three months, the Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF closed the first half of 2021 with a 6% gain.

6-Month Chart Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (NYSE: MSOS)

Canadian cannabis stocks performed mostly the same, with the Canadian Marijuana Index gaining 6%.

The weakness that hit cannabis stocks was driven by two key factors.

  • Cannabis stocks saw huge gains in 2020 and that triggered a round of profit-taking that sent cannabis stocks into a bear market.
  • Uncertainty whether new cannabis legislation will pass in 2021.

Despite the volatile first half of the year, cannabis stocks are setting up for a strong performance in the second half of 2021. We see six powerful catalysts directly on the horizon, and that should give cannabis stocks a big boost in the next six months.

6 Powerful Catalysts in the Second Half of 2021

#1 – Cannabis Stocks Looking Bullish On The Chart

After the recent decline, cannabis stocks are looking bullish on the chart. The sector appears to be setting a long-term bottom that could represent an attractive entry point. You can see that in the chart below.

The Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (MSOS) has created a key level of support between $35 and $40, and shares have been rebounding from this key level of support. I expect shares to continue rebounding from this level and continue advancing in the second half of the year.

12-Month Chart Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (MSOS)

#2 – More U.S. States Going Legal

2021 has been a big year for more states going legal. In the first half of 2021, four more states have legalized recreational cannabis, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Mexico.

Looking to the second half of 2021, more states should follow, including Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. With more states going legal, the U.S. cannabis industry should benefit from more sales growth in the second half of the year.

#3 – Amazon Will Lobby Congress For Legalization

Amazon made a big splash in the cannabis industry two weeks ago after announcing its support for federal cannabis legalization. Amazon wants to achieve this goal through the More Act, a cannabis bill currently in Congress that would essentially legalize cannabis at the federal level.

This is good news for the U.S. cannabis industry. Amazon is one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world with a strong history of achieving its goals. Amazon supporting legalization increases the probability that significant cannabis reform will pass in the next 12 months. If the More Act passes, I expect it to give cannabis stocks a big jolt higher.

#4 – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Calls For Cannabis Reform

The U.S. cannabis industry gained another powerful ally this week. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issued a statement calling for reform in federal cannabis laws.

This isn’t a game-changer, but it’s a solid step in the right direction. It signals that the highest-ranking lawmakers recognize how much the U.S. needs to update cannabis laws. And it also comes from one of the most conservative Justices, highlighting how cannabis reform is largely supported on both sides of the aisle. On both points, Justice Thomas’ statement increases the probability of significant cannabis reform in 2021.

#5 – High Potential For Cannabis Reform

Cannabis investors were disappointed in the lack of cannabis reform in the first half of 2021. But heading into the second half of the year I still see a strong probability for meaningful cannabis reform. There are multiple cannabis bills in Congress right now that would have a big impact on the U.S. cannabis industry, including the More Act and the Safe Act. There is support for both of these bills from both sides of the aisle and having Amazon lobbying in favor of the More Act strongly increases its probability of success.

#6 – U.S. Cannabis Sales Are On Fire

The U.S. cannabis industry is on fire. The industry leaders are delivering incredible sales growth that is virtually unmatched by any other industry. The recent quarterly earnings season revealed this.

Here are a few examples:

  • Growgen (GRWG) grew revenue by 173% from last year
  • Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) grew revenue 170% from last year
  • Trulieve (TCNNF) grew revenue 106% from last year
  • Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) grew revenue 95% from last year

The strong quarterly results show just how quickly the U.S. cannabis industry is growing right now.

And, moving forward, cannabis sales should continue to expand rapidly as more states go legal.

The Big Picture on the Second Half of 2021

Cannabis stocks still managed to eke out a small gain in the first half of 2021 despite the recent bear market.

Looking forward, that weakness has actually created a great opportunity. These periods of weakness have historically been attractive entry points in the past. In addition, I see six powerful catalysts that I expect to fuel cannabis stocks in the second half of 2021.

About the Author & Cannabis Stock Trades

Michael Vodicka is an equity analyst with more than 20 years of experience trading and investing. His research has been featured in some of the industry’s most respected publications. He has been investing and leading investors in the cannabis sector since 2013.

Mr. Vodicka brings his expertise and guidance to the members of Cannabis Stock Trades.

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2 Stocks to Play Connecticut Going Legal

Connecticut just became the 19th U.S. state to legalize recreational cannabis. While it’s not exactly a game-changer for the U.S. cannabis industry, Connecticut has a shot at growing into a $1 billion cannabis market within the next five years.

This is creating another great investment opportunity in the cannabis sector, and there are two leading cannabis companies that are best positioned to capitalize.

Connecticut just gave the U.S. cannabis industry some great news after Governor Ned Lamont signed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis. Here are some more details from Marijuana Moment.

The governor of Connecticut on Tuesday signed a bill to legalize marijuana—making it the 19th state to enact the reform. Noting that nearby states are also moving to legalize marijuana, the governor said the new law helps to keep Connecticut “economically competitive.”

Connecticut is the fourth state to legalize cannabis for adult use this year alone, following New York, Virginia and New Mexico. Under the Connecticut measure, possession of marijuana by adults 21 and older will become legal on July 1. Commercial cannabis sales could begin as soon as next May, but the bill does not specify an exact start date.

This is another win for the U.S. cannabis industry. Connecticut is the fourth U.S. state to go legal this year and the state is expected to generate more than $1 billion in annual cannabis sales (medical and recreational) within the next five years.

The Marijuana Fact Book is predicting annual medical and recreational cannabis sales will hit $950 million by 2024. Check out the chart below from

2 Industry Leaders Ready to Cash in on Connecticut

Connecticut going legal is creating an investment opportunity that cannabis investors need to know about.

#1 – Curaleaf Holdings (CSE: CURL, OTC: CURLF)

Curaleaf is the largest cannabis company in the U.S. with a market cap of $9 billion. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Curaleaf has one of the best national footprints in the industry. It operates in 23 states, owns 101 local dispensaries, 22 cultivation centers, 30 processing sites, and has a patient list of more than 350,000.

While Curaleaf is a broad play on the U.S. cannabis industry, it’s also one of the best stocks to play Connecticut going legal.

Connecticut has issued four cultivation permits and Curaleaf owns one of them. Connecticut has issued 18 medical cannabis permits, and Curaleaf owns four of them.

Looking forward, in September Curaleaf will be eligible to apply for licenses to sell recreational cannabis. We expect Curaleaf to land these permits and that would enable the company to transform its dispensaries into medical and recreational outlets.

Curaleaf shares delivered huge gains in 2020 but they are currently down 25% from the 52-week high.

2-Year Chart Curaleaf Holdings (CSE: CURL, OTC: CURLF)

#2 – Green Thumb Industries (CSE: GTII, OTC: GTBIF)

Green Thumb is also one of the largest cannabis companies in the U.S. with a market cap of $6.5 billion. Green Thumb operates in 12 states, has permits for 97 retail locations and 13 manufacturing facilities.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Green Thumb is another broad play on the U.S. cannabis industry.

However, similar to Curaleaf, Green Thumb is an early leader in Connecticut’s medical cannabis market. Green Thumb owns one of the four cultivation permits that Connecticut has issued and two of the 18 retail permits. The retail permits make Green Thumb eligible to apply for recreational permits in September and we expect Green Thumb to land those permits.

Green Thumb shares were up big in 2020, but shares are currently trading 25% below the 52-week high.

2-Year Chart Green Thumb Industries (CSE: GTII, OTC: GTBIF)

The Big Picture on Connecticut Going Legal

Connecticut just became the fourth state in 2021 to legalize recreational cannabis and the 19th U.S. state to do so. This is creating another opportunity for cannabis investors.

Curaleaf and Green Thumb are two early industry leaders with early leadership in Connecticut’s medical cannabis market. That puts both companies in a position to cash in on recreational sales in the next few years and that should be good for shares.

Author Michael Vodicka owns shares of Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) and Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF).

About the Author & Cannabis Stock Trades

Michael Vodicka is an equity analyst with more than 20 years of experience trading and investing. His research has been featured in some of the industry’s most respected publications. He has been investing and leading investors in the cannabis sector since 2013.

Mr. Vodicka brings his expertise and guidance to the members of Cannabis Stock Trades.

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Play the Vegas-COVID Recovery with this Cannabis Superstore

The U.S. economy continues to recover from the COVID lockdown – and nowhere is this more apparent than in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has recently experienced a big uptick in visitors as consumers gain more confidence and emergency orders lift.

The Las Vegas economy should continue to recover in the coming weeks and months. Casinos are now operating at 100% capacity, and that should drive millions of new tourists into Sin City in the second half of the year.

The Las Vegas recovery is a big win for one of the largest cannabis companies in the U.S.

With more tourists rushing back to Las Vegas, I expect this market leader to see a big increase in sales in the second half of 2021, and I think it will be great for the stock’s share price.

Las Vegas Cannabis Stock Ready to Cash in on Rebound

Planet 13 Holdings (CSE: PLTH, OTC: PLNHF) is one of the largest cannabis companies in the U.S., with a market value of $1.3 billion. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Planet 13 is a Las Vegas-COVID rebound play.

Planet 13 already has a strong presence in Vegas. That includes a production facility, processing facility, and two retail dispensaries.

One of those dispensaries is 112,000 square feet, the largest cannabis store in the U.S. It is the closest dispensary to the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Image from Planet 13 website

Despite the COVID restrictions hurting the Las Vegas economy, Planet 13 has still delivered incredible sales growth. Recent first-quarter results from May included massive sales growth from last year.

  • Revenues were $23.8 million as compared to $16.8 million, an increase of 41.8%
  • Gross profit before biological adjustments was $12.8 million or 53.8%, as compared to $9.0 million or 53.9%
  • Net income before taxes of $3.0 million as compared to a net income of $0.3 million
  • Net income of $0.4 million as compared to a net loss of $1.4 million
  • Adjusted EBITDA of $5.2 million as compared to Adjusted EBITDA of $2.4 million

Planet 13 is in position to keep growing. The company is investing tens of millions into expanding into more states.

For example, Planet 13 built another superstore in Santa Ana that is 55,000 square feet and set to open in early July. Here are some more details from the press release.

Planet 13’s SuperStore OC, located at 3400 West Warner Ave Santa Ana, California, is planned as a 55,000 square-foot consumer experience, with 16,500 square feet devoted to the dispensary retail area. The remaining areas in the complex, to be built as phases 2 and 3, are expected to include memorabilia sales, a restaurant and a cannabis consumption lounge, all enhanced by additional immersive experiences. With all 3 phases operating, P13 OC is expected to be California’s largest dispensary complex.

Planet 13 Shares Looking Bullish on the Chart

Planet 13 shares delivered big gains in 2020 as the cannabis sector recovered from the COVID sell-off.

In 2021, shares have been consolidating just below the recent 52-week high. This is a bullish signal that frequently leads to a breakout and new 52-week high.

12-Month Chart Planet 13 Holdings (CSE: PLTH, OTC: PLNHF)

The Big Picture on the Las Vegas Rebound and Planet 13

Las Vegas is rebounding from the COVID recession, and that sets the stage for a strong recovery in the second half of 2021.

That is good news for Planet 13 and its Las Vegas superstore. Planet 13 should cash in on higher foot traffic in the second half of 2021, and that should give shares of PLNHF a big boost on the chart.

About the Author & Cannabis Stock Trades

Michael Vodicka is an equity analyst with more than 20 years of experience trading and investing. His research has been featured in some of the industry’s most respected publications. He has been investing and leading investors in the cannabis sector since 2013.

Mr. Vodicka brings his expertise and guidance to the members of Cannabis Stock Trades.

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Cannabis Aphids: What They Are And How To Stop Them

Weed plant that didn't have cannabis aphids

Got your own grow operation? Be on the lookout for cannabis aphids. They can decimate your crop and leave you without weed in no time.

In this article, the all-things-cannabis experts at Honest Marijuana discuss these pesky pests and give you tips for preventing, identifying, and getting rid of cannabis aphids on your precious pot plants.

What Are Aphids?

cannabis aphids

Aphids are tiny winged insects that feed on the sap of plants. Sap is literally the blood of all green growing things, so aphids are, in a very real sense, vampires of the vegetation world.

The loss of sap weakens the plant causing it to turn yellow, wilt, and eventually die.

But sap sucking isn’t the only way aphids harm plants. They also serve as vectors for — a fancy way of saying they carry and spread — plant diseases and viruses.

Aphids also leave behind a thick, sticky substance called honeydew that promotes the growth of a black, sooty mold.

If that weren’t bad enough, honeydew also attracts ants that may actually protect the aphid from predators that want to eat it. If the predators can’t eat the aphids, the infestation gets worse.

When it comes down to it, aphids are among some of the most aggressive and destructive pests in the temperate regions where cannabis likes to grow.

That spells potential doom for our friend the pot plant.

What Are Cannabis Aphids?

weed buds that were not effected by cannabis aphids

Scientists have identified about 5,000 species of aphids. They range in size from one to 10 millimeters and vary in color from green to black to red to white.

The most common types of aphids found in home gardens — where your DIY grow operation is most likely to be located — are usually green and about one millimeter long.

One aphid is particularly worrisome, though, when it comes to growing a healthy batch of marijuana. Phorodon cannabis — literally cannabis aphid — feeds exclusively on Cannabis sativa plants.

They spread when a female aphid flies into your garden or grow operation, lands on an uninfected plant, and lays eggs that hatch into a colony in the spring and late summer.

While the cannabis aphid can wreak havoc to grow operations of any size, they’re not yet an uncontrollable problem.

There are ways to prevent cannabis aphids from infesting your plants in the first place, and other ways to get rid of them if they do.

How To Prevent Cannabis Aphids

Cannabis plant that protected against cannabis aphids

1) Choose Resistant Strains

Some strains are more resistant to cannabis aphids than others.

Common cultivars of this type include:

  • Durban Poison
  • Purple Haze Auto
  • Afghan Kush
  • Satori
  • Cash Crop Auto
  • Sweet Tooth Auto
  • Onyx Auto
  • Strawberry Amnesia
  • Lemon Haze

Planting these strains won’t do away with the threat completely, but they will help cut down on the likelihood that aphids will thrive on your crop.

2) Maintain The Right Temperature And Humidity

Most garden pests prefer, what we humans consider, the hot and humid conditions of deep summer. We’re talking temps in the 80s with humidity above 70%.

If you’re growing your plant outside, there’s not much you can do to control these variables. But, if you nurture your cannabis in a greenhouse or indoor operation, you can take steps to maintain the right temperature and humidity at all times.

Marijuana plants thrive in temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity levels between 40 and 50%.

Though this won’t reduce the possibility of cannabis aphids to zero, these numbers are on the low end of what the insects can tolerate so they’ll be less likely to flourish.

3) Ensure Plenty Of Airflow

Another way to prevent an infestation is to ensure plenty of airflow.

Cannabis aphids like stagnant (still) air so installing a few fans is an easy way to keep the air circulating around your growing plants.

4) Keep A Sharp Eye Out For Trouble

Catching an outbreak of cannabis aphids early is the best way to keep your crop from failing. That requires that you keep a sharp eye out for the tiny pests.

If you do spot an aphid or two — and you know for sure what you’re looking at — skip down to the How To Get Rid Of Cannabis Aphids for suggestions on how to save your plants.

If you’re not sure whether that little thing crawling on your growing green is an aphid or not, check out the next section for tips on how to identify the little buggers.

How To Spot Cannabis Aphids

Grower checking weed plant for cannabis aphids

1) Look Under Leaves

Cannabis aphids love to hide on the underside of the marijuana leaf.

This protects them from any flying predators that may come their way and gives them access to the more tender areas of the plant. From here, they inject their stylus into the stem and suck out the sap.

Unfortunately, they’re so small, you won’t see the actual physical damage they cause. What you will see is the trail of destruction they leave behind.

2) Look For Sooty Mold

As they eat, cannabis aphids secrete a clear, sticky substance called honeydew. This honeydew is the perfect growth medium for a black fungal infection that looks like sooty mold.

So while you won’t see the aphids actually eating, you will see where they’ve been when mold starts to grow on your marijuana plants.

3) Look For Exoskeletons

As they grow, cannabis aphids shed their skin and leave behind a tiny exoskeleton as proof that they were there.

Again, you may not be able to see a single aphid exoskeleton, but if enough of them cluster together and shed their skin at the same time, you’ll be able to see a pile of light brown papery stuff left behind.

4) Look For Droopy And Discolored Leaves

Ultimately, the presence of cannabis aphids means that your plant will suffer from a dramatic decrease in sap.

Without enough lifeblood to sustain the plant, the leaves will droop, become discolored (yellowish), and eventually curl and wilt.

Unfortunately, once you’ve spotted the signs of cannabis aphids, the infestation is already well along.

That doesn’t mean that all is lost, though. You can still save your plants. Read on to find out how.

How To Get Rid Of Cannabis Aphids

single marijuana leaf

1) Wash With Water

While water isn’t technically an insecticide, and it certainly won’t kill the cannabis aphids, we’ve included it on this list because it is a viable way to wash them off your pot plants.

Even just spraying the plants with water from a garden hose is enough to knock those suckers loose.

This is, by no means, a permanent solution because the aphids can make their way back up the stem of the plant again. Some may die in the process or fall prey to ants and spiders, but one or two might survive.

2) Spray On A Water/Vinegar Mix

While vinegar may be something you add to your salad for flavor, to a cannabis aphid, it’s lethal.

Try mixing up this water/vinegar solution as a gentle, organic way to get rid of pests on your marijuana.

  1. Pour one ounce of vinegar into a small bucket
  2. Add three ounces of distilled water
  3. Stir
  4. Pour the solution into a garden spray pump
  5. Spray the aphids on the infested plants

After one treatment, wait a week and reapply to get rid of any remaining pests.

3) Up The Ante With Castile Soap

While a water and vinegar mixture is good (for killing cannabis aphids), a water, vinegar, and castile soap mixture is better.

Try this recipe for even more kick.

  1. Mix a spoonful of castile soap into a gallon of water
  2. Add a spoonful of white vinegar
  3. Stir
  4. With a garden sprayer, apply the solution onto the affected foliage
  5. Rinse excess soap with a garden hose

Avoid The Stress Of Cannabis Aphids

Honest Marijuana Golden Berry

Want to avoid the stress of cannabis aphids? Skip the DIY and buy high-quality, organic marijuana instead.

We love growing our own weed, but it’s not without its difficulties. Thing is, we here at Honest Marijuana have been doing it for a looooong time.

We’ve perfected the process to the point that, when you see the HMJ label, you can be sure that you’re getting the cleanest, highest-quality product out there.

And, really, that’s what it’s all about.

Sure, you could save some dough by buying regs or mids, but they’re going to deliver an unsatisfying experience that will ruin every smoke sesh they’re a part of.

Instead, whenever possible, always buy the best beasters — or better yet, headies if you can swing it — to ensure.

So, if you’re looking for the top shelf, cream of the crop, marijuana gold that can get you high just by looking at it, spend a little extra for high-quality organic cannabis.

We’re kidding about that last part. You won’t experience a high at first sight with organic cannabis, but you just might experience love at first toke.

We always recommend trying high-quality organic weed (like that produced here at Honest Marijuana) at least once in your life so you can taste ganja the way mother nature intended.

Don’t miss out! Avoid the stress and strain of cannabis aphids and discover what clean, high-quality organic cannabis is all about. Find a dispensary near you and get to toking. You won’t be sorry.

For more information on all things cannabis and to check out our 100-percent all-natural marijuana products, visit today.

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Hydroponic Weed: Definition, Pros, Cons, And Growing Tips

hydroponic plant growing from a seed

Climate change may be doing a number on growing seasons and regions, but hydroponic weed remains unchanged.

How is that possible?

In this article, the all-things-cannabis experts at Honest Marijuana introduce you to the world of hydroponic weed so you can decide for yourself if you want to give it a try.

What Is Hydroponic?

a row of hydroponic weed growing

At the etymological level, hydro means water and ponos means labor. Put the two together, and you create the word hydroponics (or working water).

But if you’re looking to get to the bottom of hydroponic weed, you’re going to need a bit more than ancient Greek word origins. You’re going to need a more practical definition.

We’ve got you covered.

Hydroponics is the theory and practice of growing crops directly in nutrient-rich water.

All you need to grow things hydroponically is:

  • Fresh, filtered water
  • Oxygen
  • Root support (vermiculite, perlite, mineral wool, or others)
  • Nutrients (things normally found in soil)
  • Light

These five elements form the foundation of every basic hydroponic system — and have for thousands of years.

In fact, Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back almost three thousand years ago describe the growing of plants in water without soil. And the hanging gardens of Babylon (one of the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World) and the floating gardens of the Aztecs and the Chinese made extensive use of hydroponics.

So, hydroponics is, by no means, a new science. But our methods have come a long way since the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians came up with the process.

For one thing, we can now grow hydroponic weed (although the Egyptians and Babylonians may have done so as well, making them stoners of yore from waaaaaayyyyyy back).

What Is Hydroponic Weed?

A room full of hydroponic weed growing

Put simply, hydroponic weed is marijuana grown without the use of any soil.

Instead, the cannabis plants grow in sterile containers (tanks or trays) that hold an inert medium (root support) and a nutrient-rich solution (water).

Depending on the climate in which the operation is located, hydroponic weed can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse.

Pros And Cons Of Hydroponic Weed

hydroponic weed


1) Faster Maturation

What’s the benefit of faster maturation rates when it comes to hydroponic weed? More buds for your smoking and eating pleasure.

In fact, hydroponic techniques allow growers to harvest up to six times per year. In some cases, that results in two or three times the number of cannabis flowers you can get from a regular, soil-based operation.

2) Less Space Required

In most cases, hydroponic weed operations take up less space than soil-based grows.

That means that, should you choose to grow your cannabis this way, you can pack more plants into the same space. As a result, you’ll enjoy a higher yield when harvest time rolls around because you have more plant matter per square foot to pluck from.

3) Customizable Feeding Regimen

While most plants will grow healthy in a hydroponic weed setup, some will be frail.

What’s a grower to do? Get rid of those weak plants so they don’t take nutrients from the healthy plants?

In a soil-based grow, that might be the solution.

But in a hydroponic operation, you can customize the feeding regimen so that all plants get exactly what they need to grow tall and healthy with lots of buds.

4) Possible Automation

In a basic operation, growing weed of any kind is a labor-intensive activity. You have to monitor the growth medium, provide the right balance of nutrients, and keep everything as healthy as possible.

But with hydroponic weed, you can automate the process by installing equipment that does everything for you.

Yes, it will take time to get everything set up and running, but when it is, all you have to do is sit back, watch your plants grow, and enjoy the results.


hydroponic weed plant growing

1) Expense

Hydroponic weed equipment can be expensive. Working with water requires pumps, impermeable containers, and creative ways to circulate, oxygenate, and fortify (add nutrients to) the growth medium.

That in itself may deter many beginner and recreational cannaenthusiasts.

That said, there are ways to construct DIY alternatives to the more expensive pre-produced equipment.

2) Technical Knowledge Requirements

Not only do you need technical knowledge to operate the equipment that makes hydroponic weed possible, but you also need a fair bit of science know-how in order to keep your plants healthy.

Remember, with hydroponics, you’re growing your plants in water that is normally devoid of all nutrients.

You have to know how much potassium, oxygen, and magnesium to add (just to name a few) so that your plants grow tall and produce plenty of buds.

If you don’t get the mix right, your plants will suffer and your harvest will be low.

3) Potential Loss Of Power

Because hydroponic weed operations rely on artificial means of providing light, oxygen, and nutrients, loss of power is a very real threat.

If your grow loses electricity, the lights stop shining, the water stops circulating, and a whole host of other essentials disappear in a heartbeat.

That can spell doom for your cannabis plants if the power doesn’t come back on within a few hours.

4) Waterborne Diseases

No system is completely free from disease. For the hydroponic weed operation, waterborne contamination is a very real risk.

Fungi such as Fusarium oxysporum and Podosphaera xanthii can cause Fusarium wilt and powdery mildew respectively, while certain bacteria can cause Phytoplasma Witches’ Broom.

And, unfortunately, when these waterborne diseases do take hold, they are very persistent and hard to get rid of.

Tips For Growing Hydroponic Weed

Hydroponic weed plant that's flowering

1) Keep The Water Slightly Acidic

All successful hydroponic weed operations depend on the pH level of the water involved.

In order for cannabis plants to grow well and be healthy, the pH of the water should be kept slightly acidic, between 5.5 and 6.5 (though the exact pH will differ depending on the stage of growth.

2) Regulate Airflow

Airflow is essential for healthy plant growth. Without it, hydroponic weed won’t absorb nutrients very well and won’t grow as hearty.

Regulating airflow can be as simple as running a small fan or as complicated as installing an automated ventilation system in the grow area.

3) Control Humidity

Humidity is another essential variable you’ll need to control if you want your cannabis plants to stay healthy.

Seedlings and plants in the vegetative stage need 60-70% humidity, while plants in the blooming stage need 40%.

Invest in both a humidifier and a dehumidifier so you can better control the humidity in your hydroponic setup.

4) Provide The Right Light

When cannabis grows outside in the proper climate, the plants receive the light they need from the sun. Hydroponic weed operations, on the other hand, provide light by means of light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Adjust the wavelength of these bulbs to between 400 and 700 nanometers to ensure proper growth.

Best Hydroponic Weed Strains

Technically, you can grow any strain of marijuana hydroponically if you so choose. But some strains just take to it better.

Try one of these strains to get your hydroponic weed grow off to a good start.

  1. OG Kush
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Blue Dream
  4. Afghan Kush
  5. Sour Diesel
  6. AK-47
  7. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  8. White Widow

Before embarking on your own hydroponic journey, we recommend purchasing a batch of high-quality, soil-grown buds (and trying them out) so you can compare the effects and benefits of hydroponic weed vs. the regular stuff.

Choose High-Quality, Organically Grown Weed

Honest marijuana Alien Yoda OG

When it comes to cannabis, you have two choices:

  1. Buy or DIY
  2. Hydroponic weed or soil-grown weed

Hmmm…now that we think about it, maybe that’s four choices. Either way, you have to decide.

And regardless of the route you take, we always, always, always recommend that you pick high-quality, organically-grown weed from a reputable source.

That way, you always know what you’re getting and what to expect when you light up a fattie.

By and large, most cannaenthusiasts divide weed into four different levels of quality:

  • Headies
  • Beasters
  • Mids
  • Regs

For more information on these four designations (including how they got their names), check out our article The Differences Between Beasters, Headies, Mids, And Regs.

When you’re rolling a joint, packing a bowl, or cooking with cannabis, opt for beasters, or, better yet, headies if you can afford it.

Your stash will last longer (because you don’t have to use as much), you’ll get more mileage from a small amount, and the experience will be out of this world.

If you can’t find the first two, mids will do in a pinch, but always shy away from regs (the literal bottom of the barrel) unless you have no other choice.

And, when possible, insist on including organic marijuana and organic marijuana products (like those grown and produced by Honest Marijuana) in any weed-related activity.

Containers of Honest Marijuana and rolled blunts

Organic marijuana is free of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals that will harsh your buzz.

If you’re looking for the best cannabis experience, don’t settle for anything less than a high-quality organic marijuana strain from Honest Marijuana.

Click or tap here to search for a location near you that sells the best marijuana on the planet — Honest Marijuana.

And for more information on all things cannabis and to check out our 100% all-natural marijuana products, visit today.

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What Is Humulene? | The Complete Guide For Cannabis Lovers

A nugget of humulene

Ever wonder what gives your favorite cannabis strain its woodsy, spicy smell and taste? Chances are, it’s humulene.

Never heard of it? That’s no big surprise.

Humulene is a chemical component of cannabis that often gets lost in the glow of its cannabinoid cousins THC and CBD.

And even if you have heard of this chemical compound, it may have been pronounced so incorrectly that you don’t connect it to the topic of this article.

But don’t let humulene’s lack of stardom and difficult pronunciation fool you — it’s an important part of the cannabis experience.

In this article, the all-things-cannabis experts at Honest Marijuana tell you everything you need to know about this tasty terpene.

What Is Humulene?

Upclose of humulene

Humulene — or α-humulene (alpha humulene), to be more precise — is a terpene that makes up almost 40% of the terpene profile in modern marijuana strains.

Along with caryophyllene and myrcene, humulene is one of the most common terpenes in the cannabis plant.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, humulene is responsible for producing many of the woody and spicy (and sometimes earthy) flavors and smells you’ve come to enjoy in your ganja.

If you’re trying to imagine what humulene smells and tastes like, think hops, sage, or clove — all of which express high percentages of humulene in combination with other terpenes.

Other common plants that contain high amounts of humulene include:

  • Coriander
  • Basil
  • Black pepper
  • Balsam fir
  • Ginseng
  • Tobacco

So, if you’ve ever run across any of those things, you’ve got a pretty good idea what humulene tastes and smells like.

A Bit About Pronunciation

Woman in a daze from smoking humulene

While we’re discussing the basics of humulene, let’s touch on pronunciation so we’re all saying it correctly.

Humulene’s three syllables are pronounced:

  1. Hum (as in the first syllable of “humid” or “human”)
  2. U (as in “you” or the first letter of “universe”)
  3. Lene (as in “lean”)

Put it all together, and you get: hum-u-lene. Humulene!

It’s also worth noting that the first syllable gets the major emphasis. So you’d say hum-u-lene, not hum-u-lene nor hum-u-lene.

Say it 10 times fast and, pretty soon, you’ll sound like a pro. Now, on to other things.

Throughout the beginning of this article, we’ve mentioned repeatedly that myrcene is a terpene. But what exactly does that mean?

Read on for the answer.

What Are Terpenes?

A pictogram of the different flavor profiles of weed

Terpenes are a large class of chemical compounds (often taking the form of oils) that, when detected by your nose and tongue, produce an entire range of smells and flavors.

The general category of terpenes can be subdivided into monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.

Monoterpenes — such as myrcene, limonene, and others — are light terpenes (think weight) that are responsible for a wide range of floral scents including rose, apple, geranium, kiwi, and jasmine.

Sesquiterpenes — such as humulene — are heavy terpenes (again, think weight) that are responsible for a wide range of pungent scents including diesel fuel, skunk, tea tree, musk, and patchouli.

So, for example, the terpenes that give various fruits their unique flavor can, with the right breeding, be produced in your favorite fruit-flavor cannabis strain (Fruity Pebbles, for example).

What’s more, combinations of terpenes can yield novel smells and tastes like skunk and diesel fuel (two decidedly non-plant aromas).

But the wow factor doesn’t stop there.

Terpenes — be they of the mono- or sesqui-variety — are not unique to sativa, indica, and ruderalis. In fact, all plants produce terpenes in various combinations and quantities.

That’s why all the flavors and aromas in the image at the start of this section are named after plants. Terpenes are responsible for creating those flavors and smells.

Terpenes also produce a wide range of health benefits and are useful for treating ailments including:

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Muscle strain
  • Asthma
  • Breast cancer
  • Stress
  • Gallstones

That doesn’t mean you can use humulene to treat all these disorders. Humulene has its own unique benefits.

What Are The Effects Of Humulene?

Medical marijuana buds spilling out of prescription bottle with lid onto blank medical prescription pad

While the cannabinoids THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, THC-O, and others, offer physical and mental benefits, humulene also contributes a number of effects that you can take advantage of.

1) Anti-Inflammatory

Studies using humulene to treat everything from osteoarthritis to allergies have shown that the terpene may one day be a major contributor to the treatment and management of chronic inflammatory diseases.

It’s important to note that the studies were conducted with higher levels of humulene than you’re likely to get in any one smoke sesh, but the results were promising for the future of humulene for treating medical conditions.

2) Anti-Viral/Anti-Fungal/Anti-Bacterial

Humulene is also being used successfully to treat medical conditions caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi, including:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue fever
  • Lymphatic filariasis
  • Staph infection

With further research, scientists and doctors will, no doubt, find more ways that humulene can serve as an anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial.

3) Anti-Tumoral

Because humulene has potential as a powerful anti-inflammatory, it may also serve as an anti-tumoral.

Recent studies delivered promising results that indicate that humulene may play a role in encouraging anti-metastatic activity (preventing spread) in cancer cells.

The researchers warn not to take these results for more than they’re worth because the tests were only performed on single cells. More research is necessary to determine if humulene has any effect on high-mass, malignant tumors.

Keep in mind that these benefits are for humulene by itself. Combine it with other terpenes and cannabinoids and you’ll experience something you never thought possible — the entourage effect.

Get To Know The Entourage Effect

Two small buds of Humulene on a white plate

The entourage effect is the interaction of cannabis compounds (e.g., cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and others) to produce certain physical effects.

The entourage effect is so vital in creating these physical effects that some are impossible without it.

For example, THC mitigates chronic inflammation, while CBD promotes bone growth.

You can’t substitute THC for CBD and expect to find relief from psychotic disorders. The two are not interchangeable in that regard.

And while THC and CBD can be used to treat some of the same things, the specific, unique effects mentioned above can only be gained by using one or the other.

But put them together and suddenly you have a wide variety of new treatments and effects available.

For example, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes such as humulene makes the treatment of depression, OCD, arthritis, and migraines possible.

The cannabinoids and terpenes by themselves don’t result in these same effects. It’s their combination that produces what’s technically known as synergy.

Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

The example above is but one illustration of marijuana’s synergistic effects in action.

Isolate one component—like humulene —or push one component too high—like THC—at the expense of the other components, and the beneficial effects quickly decrease.

Will Humulene Get You High?

Distorted picture of a hallway

No, humulene by itself will not get you high. The only way to experience the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana is to consume THC.

Thing is, unless you purchase a humulene extract or a high-CBD/low-THC strain, there’s no way to take one without the other.

So don’t conclude that just because your pot contains humulene that you’re going to start hearing colors and get the munchies later on.

Humulene is not the cause of your high — be it a contact high or direct ingestion — THC, and only THC, is responsible.

High-Humulene Strains

Even though many strains contain humulene, other terpenes are present in higher quantities. As a result, our hero humulene is often less prominent (as flavor profiles go) and takes a backseat to the likes of limonene, pinene, and others.

Still, there are a number of strains in which humulene is in the front seat (even the driver’s seat), including:

If you want to experience humulene in all its glory, try rolling a joint, packing a bowl, or making hash with one of these tasty strains.

Get The Most Humulene From High-Quality Cannabis

Black Dog Kush Can from Honest Marijuana

The best way to maximize your humulene is to always buy the highest quality organic cannabis you can get your hands on.

If you’re buying dried and cured raw bud, do your research and choose strains from a reputable grower who uses the best organic methods available.

If you’re buying cannabis products — such as wax, shatter, pills, cream, or gummies — check the label or ask the budtenders if they can tell you about how the strains were grown.

Choosing organically grown marijuana that doesn’t rely on harmful fertilizers, heavy metals, or pesticides is a good idea however you consume your pot — whether that’s smoking, eating, or dripping it under your tongue.

Plus, choosing a high-quality organic bud (or insisting on high-quality organic strains in the products you purchase) will ensure that you get the most humulene possible.

That’s a win for all involved!

For more information on all things cannabis and to check out our 100-percent all-natural marijuana products, visit today.

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55 High Thoughts To Amaze Any Experienced Stoner

Neon light with high thoughts "Down The Rabbit Hole"

While we can’t get enough of the disconnect from reality that THC brings to the table or the medicinal properties of CBD, one of our favorite parts of the marijuana experience is the high thoughts that pop into our heads during a particularly entertaining smoke sesh.

Not sure whether you’ve had the privilege of your own stellar musings? Trust us, you’ll know when it happens.

To tide you over, keep you entertained, and help you identify when inspiration arrives, we’ve collected some of our favorite high thoughts of all time.


What Are High Thoughts?

Neon light decoration of Alice and Wonderland character and his high thoughts

One of the many wonderful features of marijuana is its ability to take your brain places it’s never been before — not literally, of course, but you get the picture.

With only one or two puffs, your thoughts become more flexible and more creative. That’s when high thoughts start to occur.

High thoughts are ideas that provide a different perspective on the mundane facts and activities of regular life.

How do you know if you’ve had a high thought of your own? You can recognize it by the emotional reaction you have.

If you say, “Whoa!”, “Hmmm,” or “Far out!”, congrats and welcome to the club — your notions have reached the next level.

Write them down, send them in, and maybe next time they’ll be on this list.

High Thoughts That Will Break Your Brain

Neon sign that says "It's All In Your Head"

1) It’s Waiters All The Way Down

While you wait for the waiter, at that moment, are you not also the waiter?

2) Interesting But Also Kind Of Sad

There was a moment when you were younger when your mom or dad put you down and never picked you up again.

3) That’s Deep…And Makes A Lot Of Sense

What if people who have anxiety are just unaccustomed to the way the world works because this is the first time they’ve lived through it?

That would mean that confident people feel more at ease because they’ve already lived through at least one life on this planet.

4) You Can Argue This One Until The Cows Come Home

Does a straw have one hole or two?

5) Think About It

How can your brain and body replicate the feeling of falling from a high place in your dreams if you’ve never actually experienced that before?

6) Semantics

How is it possible that being “up for it” and “down for it” mean the same thing?

7) Make It Stop

When you buy a bigger bed, you have more bed room but less bedroom.

8) Words Are Hard

Is there a synonym for synonym?

9) Milk Those High Thoughts

It’s kind of messed up that humans drink the milk of other animals. You don’t see a rhino sucking on a zebra for milk, do you?

10) We Always Knew Boomerangs Were Magic

Neon sign saying "Simply A Misunderstood Genius"

Everything is a boomerang if you throw it up.

11) Ghosts Are Real

When you feel a bug crawling on you but there isn’t actually one there, it’s the ghost of a bug you killed, come back to torment you.

Sleep tight.

12) We’ve Always Wondered That, Too

Why is there a D when you write “fridge,” but not when you write “refrigerator”?

13) Mind Blown

When you say “scent,” is the S or the C silent?

14) Fair Or Unfair?

If life is unfair to everyone, does that mean it’s actually fair?

15) Not Not A Failure

If you try to fail but end up succeeding, which did you actually do?

16) We’ll Make An Exception

If money is the root of all evil, why do they ask for it in church?

17) A Classic

Hyde: “There is no gas shortage, man. It’s all fake. The oil companies control everything. Like, there’s this guy who invented this car that runs on water, man. It’s got a fiberglass, air-cooled engine, and it runs on water!”

Fez: “So it’s a boat!”

Hyde: “No, it’s a car. Only you put water in the gas tank instead of gas. And it runs on water, man!”

18) Regardless, It Still Hurts

Nothing is ever really on fire because fire is actually on things.

19) What’s It Called?

Technically, the brain named itself.

20) More Bed Stuff

Red Light District Neon Sign

The word “bed” looks like a bed.

21) Pet-Related High Thoughts

Do pets name their owners?

22) It’s All Relative

Right now, you are both the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be.

23) Somebody Got Confused

Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

24) Keep Going

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do.

25) First Time Through

What if a phobia you have is how you died in a past life. If you don’t have any phobias, does that mean this is your first life?

26) Good One

Is it called night because there is no light?

27) Stairs Are Another Dimension

You can never stand backward on stairs.

28) A Glitch In The Matrix

If the multiverse theory is true, is there a universe in which it isn’t?

29) This One Gave Us A Headache

What would happen if Pinocchio said his nose was going to grow?

30) How Long Can This Go On

What if dogs play fetch just because they think you enjoy throwing things and want to make you happy?

31) Mostly Human

If humans are mostly water, does that mean the earth is mostly human?

32) Whoa!

“I’m sorry,” and, “I apologize,” have the exact same meaning unless you’re at a funeral.

33) The Road Less Traveled

If Dora is an explorer, why does she only visit mapped areas?

34) Hmmm

If you replace the W with a T in the words what, where, and when, you have your answer.

35) So True

High Thoughts Neon Sign Saying "I'm as high as a Chimney"

History class is only going to get longer and more difficult.

36) Space Cake High Thoughts

Lasagna is spaghetti-flavored cake.

37) Yeah, What Gives?

If babies are in the womb for nine months, why aren’t they considered nine months old when they’re born?

38) Nice Package

Why is it that ships carry cargo and cars carry shipments?

39) Hah!

Clapping is repeatedly hitting yourself because you like something.

40) Boooooooo

The person who proofread Hitler’s speeches was a grammar Nazi…literally.

41) Ninjas Everywhere

What if every country has ninjas but we only know about Japan’s ninjas because they’re so bad at being ninjas? How many times can we write ninjas in one sentence?

42) That’s A Lot Of Citrus

Are oranges named oranges because they’re orange? Or, is orange called orange because oranges are orange?

43) The Last One

Throw a rock into a lake and you could be the last person to touch that rock until the end of time.

44) Mental Gymnastics High Thoughts

The word “nun” is just the letter N doing a cartwheel.

45) How The Heck Does That Work?

Cells multiply by dividing.

46) Hey, Y’all, Watch This!

Are bugs born knowing they can walk up walls, or do they just accidentally do it one day and go, “Check me out!”

47) Grunt If You Understand

When you ask for someone’s name, you’re essentially asking them what noise you should make to get their attention.

48) Your Dog’s Probably Right

If you’re high enough to think your dog thinks you smoke too much, your dog’s probably right.

49) Tasty Explosions

Popcorn is explosions frozen in time that you can eat.

50) How Young?

Neon sign

You are younger right now than you are right now.

51) It’s All In The Edit

I got so high last night that I didn’t need glasses anymore!

Edit: I think I may have been wearing my glasses the whole time.

52) High Thoughts Business Idea

Open a dispensary named IDEALCANNABIS. People will either read, “I DEAL CANNABIS,” or, “IDEAL CANNABIS.”

Either way, you’re golden.

53) An Apt Description

We should change the name of testicles to “underies.” That way, the two main reproductive organs will be ovaries and underies.

The names describe the location. Win-win, baby!

54) Ewww!

Birthday sex is having sex to celebrate your parents having sex.

55) Super High

You know you’re super high when you’re smoking alone, suddenly realize you’re holding the joint way too long, and try to pass it to the next person.

Get The Best High Thoughts From High-Quality Bud

The best high thoughts come from Honest Marijuana

If you want to give yourself the best possible chance for stellar high thoughts like these, fill your bowl, joint, or Backwoods blunt with high-quality, sustainably sourced, organically grown cannabis bud, like those from Honest Marijuana.

While we don’t guarantee your high thoughts will rival the ones on this list, at our Rocky-Mountain-based grow facility, we do employ world-class organic growing methodologies that provide cannabis connoisseurs with the purest marijuana experience on the planet.

We grow our plants the way Mother Nature intended: in organic soil without chemicals or pesticides. We even hand-trim our plants so that they’re organic from the ground up.

For more information on all things cannabis and to check out our 100-percent all-natural marijuana products, visit today.

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