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Kannaway Austria: A Lifestyle CBD Company

Kannaway Austria offers CBD products to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is the Kannaway experience.

How Kannaway Austria started

Kannaway was founded in 2014 in the United States with the European head office opening in 2018. The company was created on the principle of bringing the safest and highest-quality cannabis-based – or cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive cannabinoid – product innovations to market.

Cannabis has been widely misunderstood for some time. Kannaway aims to dispel the old myths surrounding this natural resource through education about its valuable properties and transparency about the company’s production processes. Kannaway is considered an authority in the CBD industry, with its company executives having contributed insights to media outlets, such as Forbes and FOX Business, about CBD’s legal status and the global expansion of the CBD market.

Austria was among the first European countries to open its doors to Kannaway and has since proven to be the company’s largest market – with tens of thousands of satisfied customers regularly buying Kannaway CBD products, such as Kannaway’s popular nutritional supplement, Pure Gold.

Kannaway is the first cannabis-based direct selling company to operate in Europe. Due to education being one of the company’s core principles, selling through one-to-one consumer recommendations was considered the best route to market as part of Kannaway’s goal to make CBD products become more accepted all over the world. This includes a focus on educational events and meetings that take place locally in Austria in the German language, which are organised by Kannaway’s European team.

The Kannaway experience

In addition to producing CBD products of the highest quality to promote a healthy lifestyle, Kannaway Austria offers its customers the Kannaway experience – the opportunity to break free from the traditional ‘time for money’ work environment with its tried-and-tested business model.

Aimed at those with an entrepreneurial spirit, the Kannaway Lifestyle provides a framework for customers to earn an income from the sales of products that they recommend to others and from building their own business. For example, Kannaway’s versatile food supplement, Pure Gold, is considered to be one of the products that most customers in Austria are introduced to first.

As Kannaway’s business model is based on personal experience, there is no need for ‘hard selling’. Becoming a Kannaway Brand Ambassador does not require any large investments of product inventory or carry any overheads. The entire process – from marketing and events, to product development and distribution – is taken care of by Kannaway Austria as well as Kannaway’s team at the European head office.

And Brand Ambassadors do not have to build their businesses alone. There is a huge supportive network of fellow Brand Ambassadors in Austria and all over the world who are keen to pass on their business-building tips and CBD product reviews, while Kannaway regularly shares the latest news and market information about CBD.

Is Kannaway CBD legal in Austria?

One of the areas about CBD that has caused confusion in the Austrian market is the question of whether it is legal to sell and consume CBD products in Austria. Is Kannaway CBD legal in Austria? The simple answer is yes. Contrary to inaccurate reports in the Austrian press, it is completely legal to sell and consume CBD products in Austria as long as they are labelled as a type of food and not medicine. All Kannaway CBD ingestible products are labelled as a dietary supplement, and not medicine, and are therefore in compliance with Austria’s Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.

The uncertainty around the legality of CBD products is completely understandable, given recent efforts by the EU to introduce standards to cannabis-based products. The massive surge in popularity of these products, with CBD being used in everything from toothpaste to beverages, prompted the EU to take action as part of a wider effort to ensure product safety. Again, this is completely understandable – and a move that is welcomed by legitimate CBD companies such as Kannaway – given the number of fake CBD products that have emerged on the market.

The EU’s Committee for Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF) revisited the permitted consumption of hemp products in the Novel Foods (NF) catalogue. In 2019, PAFF decided that hemp seeds were permitted as a food but declared hemp flowers and leaves novel – which caused confusion in the legitimate hemp foods industry and the market.

However, the NF catalogue is not a legally binding document, leaving member states free to apply their own regulations at national level. For example, Belgium permits the sale of dried CBD flowers for smoking but considers all other hemp-derived products to be novel. Ireland only permits hemp extract if it is extracted through a cold extraction process. Bulgaria passed a law in mid-2019 that opened up its marketplace to CBD oil products.

This might explain the confusion surrounding CBD products, as there does not appear to be a single market for hemp-derived products in the EU. Now it remains for legitimate CBD companies, like Kannaway, to inform and educate customers about what these developments by the EU actually mean in relation to the legality of CBD products in Austria and other European markets. To put it briefly, Kannaway Austria customers can rest assured that these developments will not affect their consumption of Kannaway CBD products or their businesses as Kannaway Brand Ambassadors.

The authorities are usually 10 steps behind what’s happening in the market, and typically use these ‘stalling’ tactics to buy themselves time so they can understand the potential of the new product, e.g. allowing member states to figure out how they could benefit from the situation from a tax standpoint etc. In the meantime, the most important takeaway from this development by the EU is that CBD products cannot be advertised as medicine. As long as CBD products are labelled as a food, they are legal to buy, sell and consume in Austria.

Kannaway reviews

Kannaway named top CBD MLM company: Kannaway ranked top of the list in the ‘Top 20 Most Popular CBD MLM Companies in 2020’ as reviewed by independent cannabis news website, HealthMJ.

Kannaway reviews: Read CBD product testimonials – including Kannaway Pure Gold experiences – by professional athletes and Olympic stars about how Kannaway CBD products are helping them to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Kannaway on FOX Business: Company founder, Dr. Stuart Titus shares his thoughts on the market potential of CBD products in the USA.

Kannaway on Forbes: Kannaway’s Chief Sales Officer is interviewed about the developments of CBD sales in Bulgaria and the EU.

What is a novel food?

According to Article 3 of the NF Regulation, a novel food is a food that has not been consumed up to a significant degree by humans in the EU before 15 May 1997. However, there is much evidence to show that humans consumed hemp and related products before this date, which means that CBD products are not novel foods and are in fact a traditional ‘superfood’.

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CBD for pets: wellness benefits for dogs and cats

Did you know that your pets can benefit from including cannabidiol (CBD) into their daily routine as much as humans? You might be surprised at the answer. As pet owners, it’s important for us to keep our dogs and cats happy, healthy, and safe. Giving your pet daily servings of hemp oil containing CBD can naturally promote cardiovascular function, support healthy joints, and promote neurological health and emotional behavior. 

Pets can benefit from CBD as much as humans

Like humans, pets can also benefit from using hemp oil as a daily serving of CBD. Why hemp for pets? Hemp oil contains a list of cannabinoids, including CBD, which help to stimulate your dog or cat’s endocannabinoid system, a native system tasked with maintaining a natural balance in the body. All mammals, including our pets, naturally produce endocannabinoids internally that stimulate the system.

The system can also be activated by plant-derived cannabinoids through specially formulated hemp oil products with CBD that are made especially for pets. CBD’s support of the endocannabinoid system promotes pets’ cardiovascular function, supports healthy joints, encourages neurological health and emotional behavior, helps maintain stamina, and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

Our pet hemp products are made from top-quality non-GMO hemp oil containing CBD that’s been rigorously tested, ensuring that your pet is consuming a safe and reliable product. Our CBD-infused products are designed with both household pets and livestock animals in mind. Containing hemp-derived CBD oil, pet CBD products come in the form of treats and liquids that can be added to wet and dry foods.

How to give CBD to dogs and cats

Pet-specific CBD products are designed for everyday use to support your pet’s well-being. There are a variety of administration methods pet owners can choose from to add CBD to a pet’s daily diet. 

CBD products for pets that come in a pourable liquid can be given:

  • From a spoon: for pets who prefer the flavor of CBD oil, measure out the desired serving onto a spoon and have your cat or dog lick up the CBD liquid.
  • With a treat: pet owners can help motivate their pet to take their daily CBD by dripping the liquid onto a treat. Wide, dry treats typically work best. Some pet owners find using multiple treats can be helpful for administering a full daily serving.
  • Blend it into food: try mixing the CBD liquid into your pet’s wet or dry meal to help mask the flavor of CBD oil.

CBD products in the form of a treat can be given as a pet owner normally gives their pet a treat. A large majority of pets, particularly dogs, are motivated by this, making CBD-infused treats a highly effective way to administer the cannabinoid each day. CBD and pets can go together with minimal hassle!

Want to learn more about CBD, including CBD benefits, the types of CBD products available, and more? Check out our CBD Oil Education page. To learn more about Medical Marijuana Inc. and our portfolio, head to this webpage.

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7 ways to take your CBD

You’ve heard about the natural benefits of CBD and are interested in adding the exciting cannabinoid into your daily regimen, but are confused on the various ways take CBD. We’re here to help. If you’re new to CBD and don’t know how to start, here are seven ways:

#1 – Swallow

In the ingestion method of consumption, you directly swallow the CBD product. When you swallow CBD products, their active ingredients pass through your digestive system and are eventually metabolized by your liver. From the liver, the compounds are sent to your bloodstream. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to use CBD every day, then CBD hemp oil capsules are a great solution.

#2 – Hold under your tongue

In the under-the-tongue method of consumption, the CBD product is placed under the tongue and held there for 30 to 60 seconds. During that time, the CBD and other active compounds found in CBD oil are absorbed through the mucous membranes in your mouth and sent directly to your bloodstream, where they circulate through the body and interact with cannabinoid receptors. Among the products that can be administered under the tongue are: CBD concentrated in oral doser and liquid CBD.

#3 – Vape

Vaping not only has become the preferred method of cannabis consumption, it is also offers convenience, efficiency, portability, safety and discreetness. Also, vaping offers a safer alternative to the negative effects of smoking but can be intimidating to many newbies. Vaping CBD oil is a very direct way of ingesting CBD, delivering the compound’s natural benefits directly into the bloodstream from the lungs. You can buy CBD vape oils in flavored liquid and pre-filled cartridge forms.

#4 – Chew

CBD edibles offer an incredibly simple way to take advantage of the balancing, restorative effects of CBD every day. When you ingest CBD edibles, the CBD compounds and other active compounds found in the edible CBD products are absorbed through the digestive system and then interact with your body’s systems.

#5 – Mix into your favorite food or drink

Taking CBD oil with foods and drinks helps bypass a process known as “first pass metabolism”, in which large segments of CBD are broken down in the digestive system before they can reach the bloodstream. By taking CBD with food, you can help preserve the CBD through first-pass metabolism and ensure that more of its components are absorbed in the bloodstream. Here are some CBD recipes to get you started!

#6 – Rub onto your skin

To use CBD topically means to apply a CBD oil-infused product directly onto the skin, allowing the active compounds to be absorbed through the skin’s epidermis and pores. Once absorbed, CBD can interact with nearby cannabinoid receptors found on the skin’s sensory nerve fibers and subcutaneous tissue. Rubbed into the desired area, topicals are absorbed into the skin for localized benefits and never make it into the bloodstream. CBD topical products typically include balms, salves, lotions, and oils that are infused with hemp oil rich in CBD. Browse our online shop to get to know all your CBD skincare options.

#7 – Wash and condition your hair

CBD hemp oil for hair is rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins that nourish hair, and restore its natural balance. Infused with CBD, a cannabinoid that possesses moisturizing and antioxidant properties, hemp shampoo and hemp conditioner help restore and revitalize damaged hair and leave it looking healthy and radiant.

Want to learn more about CBD, including CBD benefits, the types of CBD products available, and more? Check out our CBD Oil Education page.

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4 steps to ensure high-quality CBD hemp oil

The demand for cannabidiol (CBD) oil products is quickly expanding as more people become familiar with the natural wellness benefits and uses of CBD. As a result, the number of companies offering CBD products on the global market has also increased. In case you are wondering if all CBD oils are the same… they are not. And the quality between CBD products varies greatly between different manufacturers! In this article, we share four steps we take to ensure only high-quality CBD gets to your home:

#1 – Organic hemp with high concentrations of cannabinoids

Our full spectrum CBD oil comes from Certified Organic Hemp grown naturally in the Netherlands by a generational family-owned farm with centuries of experience. Our non-GMO hemp is expertly grown free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers to protect our customers from residual contaminants in our final products. The combines we invented were designed to cut down the hemp stalk in a very precise way – providing the highest possible concentrations of phytocannabinoids, while minimizing waste. The result is highest-quality CBD oil products on the market.

#2 – Safe CO2 extraction process

There are various potential solvents that can be used to extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant. Some companies choose to use dangerous solvents, like butane, in their extraction process – however, this exposes the end user to residual contamination. To extract CBD oil from our organic hemp crops, we use supercritical CO2 – a non-toxic solvent, with which there’s no risk of contaminating our CBD oil. 

#3 – Triple Lab Tested™ to assure safety and consistency

Our commitment to quality product and purity has driven us to develop the strictest testing process in our industry, or Triple Lab Tested™ standard. This means that we test our hemp oil three times in accredited testing labs, in order to provide you and your family the safest CBD oil. These labs test our hemp oil for the concentration of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, CBG, THC, and over a half dozen others, assuring both safety and consistency.

#4 – Made in California

Every product we ship is manufactured in Southern California – and it’s worth noticing that California has some of the most rigorous safety standards in the world. This allows us to bring jobs to the local community, work closely with local politicians, and promote the healthy use of cannabidiol (CBD) in the U.S. and around the world. Once our hemp oil is received into the country and certified to be safe, it is sent to our manufacturers in San Diego to be formulated into our complete line of CBD hemp oil tinctures, liquids, salves, capsules, and beauty products. Our San Diego manufacturers are registered with the State of California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug and must adhere to the strict regulations the department puts forth.

Visit our online shop to learn more about our CBD products, or get CBD hemp oil products shipped from our home to yours.

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6 milestones in the CBD industry

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is globally known as one of the originators in the Hemp/CBD and supplement landscape.  Today they continue to make significant advancements in this international movement, a product movement that has proven to assist many people around the world. Take a look back at the top six achievements our family of companies have realized over the past 11 years:

#1 – Launching the first publicly traded cannabis company in the U.S.

Our story began in march of 2009, when Medical Marijuana, Inc. became the first company within the cannabis space to be publicly traded on the U.S. stock market. This represented an important milestone in mainstreams acceptance of the cannabis industry. Today, there are over 50 publicly traded cannabis companies on the United States market.

#2 – Establishing a global CBD pipeline

In 2010, Medical Marijuana, Inc. became the first company to sell cannabis-based products through direct sales and network marketing channels. Our subsidiary Kannaway started to distribute and promote its one-of-a-kind hemp products through thousands of its brand ambassador partnerships. One year later, we established the first ever global CBD pipeline, making cannabidiol and other beneficial cannabinoides available to people in need all over the world.

#3 – Bringing the first CBD hemp oil products to market

In 2012 we were first again by making CBD products available nationwide thru the launch of our Dixie Botanicals line. For the first time consumers could enjoy the various benefits of CBD that’s being provided by the hemp plant. Dixie Botanicals now became the first mainstream, natural, botanical CBD brand in the U.S. Dixie also released the introduction of CBD foods and supplements into the mainstream market.

Eight years previous, few people had ever heard of CBD and the wellness benefits it could provide. As people experienced remarkable results from CBD oil, it became recognized as one of the most beneficial supplements available.

#4 – Licensing the U.S. government patent on cannabinoids

In 2012, our subsidiary Kannalife Sciences was issued the first ever licenses allowing them to develop and commercialize drug treatments under the United States government’s patent 6330507 – “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants & Neuroprotectants”. The company is utilizing these Intellectual Properties to develop cannabinoid based pharmaceutical treatments for a pair of neurological diseases: hepatic encephalopathy and chronic traumatic encephalopathy – the degenerative brain disease discovered in many NFL football players and other athletes who experienced head trauma.

#5 – Legalizing CBD oil in Brazil

By 2014, word of CBD’s benefits had begun traveling around the world. In that year, Medical Marijuana, Inc. product, RSHO™ became the first ever medical cannabis product to be approved for import to Brazil, and this was due to a little girl being granted access to CBD. Soon after, HempMeds Brasil was created to help patients gain access to CBD throughout the country.

In 2015, following Brazil’s approval of CBD importation, HempMeds Brasil became the first company to have a cannabis-based product subsidized by a national government. In the same year,  RSHO™ became the first CBD product to also be prescribed for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain, and migraines in Brazil. Now, HempMeds Brasil supports thousands of families and patients through its network of hundreds of doctors around the country.

#6 – Legalizing CBD oil in Mexico and other Latin American countries

Two years later, we were able to assist patients in Mexico by securing the first-ever official certificates to import RSHO™ CBD oil products in to the country. Similar to the road map in Brazil, Medical Marijuana, Inc. worked with families and patients in Mexico to petition the government for access to CBD through a new subsidiary, HempMeds Mexico. In order to fulfill Mexico’s regulations and ship our CBD oil to patients, we developed the first ever THC free hemp oil product, RSHO-X.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. also became the first company to have cannabis products approved and sold in Puerto Rico and Paraguay.  Through our expansion and tireless efforts, now over 300 million people have legal access to CBD in Central and South America.

Care to learn more about CBD, its benefits and products available? Check out our CBD Oil Education page. To learn more about Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our portfolio, please review this webpage.

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