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How to Clean Trim Scissors

You’ve been trimming bud all day and your scissors are too gummed up to take another snip. All those sugary trichomes that you and your plant worked so hard to grow are now caked onto your shears as scissor hash. You don’t want to toss your favorite pair of scissors in the trash, so how do you get them back to their pristine condition in time for your next batch?

PotGuide is here with some helpful tips on how to clean your trim scissors.


Step 1: Scrape Your Trimming Scissors

First, get a clean scalpel, (but pretty much any sharp, small blade will do). Hold your trim scissors open in your other hand and run the scalpel along one side of the scissor’s blade (always cut away from yourself). It’s a good idea to don a pair of gloves for this process as well, just to ensure the safety of your hands. A good pair of gardening gloves should do the trick, or any glove of similar durability.

Pull the hash off your scalpel and set it aside, then repeat along the other sides of the scissors including the blade edges.

Keep adding the collected hash into a pile. Now you’ve got some “scissor hash.” Roll it between your fingers, flatten it out, and light it up in a clean bowl. You deserve a reward for getting partway through cleaning your scissors, and it gives you a preview of how your buds will smoke.

The more hash you scrape off your scissors, the more you get to consume and the less you have to wipe off later.

Step 2: Wipe Your Scissors Down

Once you’ve got the bulk of your scissor hash all scraped off, it’s time to break down and wipe off the rest of the resin with a solvent. There are a couple to choose from based on your preferences. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

The classic cleaner for any experienced pot smoker, rubbing alcohol will break down stubborn resin clumps on your scissors just like it does with a gunked-up bowl. It’s cheap, easy to find at any grocery store or pharmacy, and effective.


Another alcohol-based solvent to choose from is Everclear 190 proof. Just like with rubbing alcohol, Everclear’s high ABV dissolves the resin on your scissors. This makes it easy to wipe off your scissors rather than scrubbing them. Everclear 190 proof is not going to be as easy to find as rubbing alcohol, but it’s just as effective once you track some down.

A bottle of everclear

Everclear’s high alcohol content makes it great for removing resin. photo credit

Plus, unlike rubbing alcohol, Everclear is food-safe if you’re trying to consume the least amount of chemicals possible. However, be aware, Everclear will leave some small amount of residue, so you’ll want to give your scissors a final rinse with water and wipe when you’re done.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is not as effective as alcohol-based solvents and it may take a little bit more scrubbing and soaking before your scissors are resin-free. However, if your cupboards are bare and the stores are all closed, it will work just fine

Whichever solvent you pick, tilt the bottle to soak some into a paper towel or dishcloth. Once you’ve got your cloth saturated, rub your scissors vigorously on all sides, again being mindful not to cut yourself. If the resin is dried on hard, soak the blades in your solvent of choice for about fifteen minutes, then try again. 

Someone trimming cannabis with scissors

Alternatively, you can also clean your scissors throughout the day as you go, instead of at the end. photo credit

If scraping and scrubbing sounds like a lot of work at the end of the day, another option is to dunk your scissors. Get a narrow glass or cup and pour your solvent of choice in. Any glass works, but a narrow glass means using less alcohol to cover the scissors (a shallow container, like tupperware, will also work well). Keep the glass and cloth close as you’re trimming so that you can dip, rinse, and wipe as you go. The upside is less resistance throughout your day and no scissor maintenance at the end. The downside is that all your scissor hash will be floating in your glass.

If you finish a day of trimming and you’re just feeling lazy, or can’t look at your scissors anymore, put them in the freezer with the blades open. The resin will freeze instead of drying onto the metal, which makes it a lot easier to scrape off come scalpel time. 


Step 3: Aftercare

If you’ve got a nice pair of scissors that you want to keep for a while, aftercare is important. Proper aftercare will keep them in the best condition possible, making any future trimming much easier on your wrist and more enjoyable. One your scissors are clean and dry, take a bottle of household machine oil and add a couple drops where the scissors hinge. Give the scissors a couple quick snips to spread the oil in, then wipe the excess off with a cloth and store your scissors in a cool, dark, and dry spot.

The Wrap Up

Clean-up is no one’s favorite part of the trimming process. However, neither is a sore wrist and palm from trying to trim with gunked-up scissors. By scraping off excess hash, cleaning them with solvent, and properly storing them afterwards, you’ll have a much easier time trimming up those buds you and your plant worked so hard to grow.

Do you have a special technique, tips or tricks to clean trim scissors? Share them in the comments!

Photo Credit: MysteryShot (license)

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Why Are My Marijuana Plants Flowering Early and How Can I Revert Them Back to Vegetative

Why Are My Marijuana Plants Flowering Early and How Can I Revert Them Back to Vegetative


I recently had to turn off the chat feature on my website; because I was being asked this one question about 50 times each day.

The people I chatted with were for the most part experienced indoor home growers who started their seed or made clones indoors with the intent on finishing their grow outdoors. After being outside for about 2 weeks their plants started to flower much earlier than they anticipated.

First a long story short; female cannabis plants start to flower when they detect less light unless they are plants grown from auto flower seeds.

So I always ask, “Are you sure you didn’t purchase auto flower seeds”?

If they are not auto flowers then the female plants detected less light and started flowering. Since it’s the beginning of summer how could the plants detect less light? This is a great question with an easy answer if you take a moment to think about it.

If you’re starting your plants indoors to get a jump on the outdoor season your plants are getting 18 to 24 hours of artificial light each day depending on how long you are running your lights. After a month indoors, your plants expect that same amount of light each day which keeps them in the vegetative cycle.

When the plants are moved outdoors it doesn’t matter if you have a typical housing situation with trees, fences, buildings etc partially blocking sunlight or they are in a wide open field, there is a very good chance those plants will start to flower because they are looking for their usual 18-24 hours of light and they’re only getting about 15 and that’s if they’re lucky.

When you move your indoor plants outside and they start to flower early just let them be. They will flower for about 3-4 weeks, get used to the new light and revert back to the veg cycle all on their own.  This will cost you 4-6 weeks or more of grow time.

What I mean is your plants won’t grow much when they are recovering from the stress brought on by inconsistent light timings. The plants won’t be perfect and they may turn into herms so think about the next suggestion.

Another option is to add light outside to make up what’s missing. The plants should then be grown normally under the sun and extra light until they start to flower again. This does stress your plants and will most likely add to your growing time. You’ll lose the 14 days reversion time plus more as the plant recovers from the stress it’s been placed under.

If you had little buds started you’ll see weird looking leaves growing out of them when the reversion commences. You can leave them or pick them off.

IMO the best way to handle premature flowering is moving the plants back indoors giving them 24 hrs of light. They’ll revert faster and resume growing in the vegetative cycle.

If you have this problem right now and you can’t move them back indoors, you must add light to your plants outdoors to enable them to revert back to the vegetative cycle. If they were grown indoors under 18-24 hours of light I would suggest you add enough light to your plants so they have at least a solid 18 hours of light.

If you plan on starting your plants indoors than moving them outdoors during the veg cycle, you must run your lights only 14 hours per day. This will keep your seedlings growing indoors and they won’t start to flower when you move them outside. If your area has more or less hours of light during the growing season then adjust your indoor timings appropriately.

Visit my website at for more tips from a grower with 38 years’ experience.

The post Why Are My Marijuana Plants Flowering Early and How Can I Revert Them Back to Vegetative first appeared on How to Grow Weed Indoors.

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Futuristic CBD Vending Machines Touch Down in Florida, Where Are They Landing Next?

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving. What used to be a mere thought is gradually becoming a reality with the vending machines, and Miami is at the forefront of this innovative design. Yes, we still need our budtenders for a more personalized experience, but with the vending machines CBD, buyers can get access to products much faster and easier.  Miami is setting the pace for other states to follow, and with these vending machines additions, it is safe to say that purchasing CBD in Miami will never be the same. 

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The Top 10 Vape Batteries for 510 Oil Cartridges

Vaping is an exciting way of enjoying cannabis, and users are ensuring that the vape market explodes through the increasing consumption of CBD oil. In cannabis-friendly states like Washington and Colorado and countries like Canada, the use of CBD oils is becoming a norm, and it has positively affected the vape battery market. As the demand for vape pens increases, so does the demand for batteries because the battery powers the vape pen. You’ve got to know the kind of batteries available in the market and seek out the best batteries for your oil cartridges. 

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Pop Star Lorde Smokes Weed Out of DIY Fennel Bulb Bong in New Music Video

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, the performer famously known as Lorde, hasn’t released new music in four years, which is an eternity in the pop world. What has she been doing all that time? If you guessed, “smoking weed,” you’re not wrong. The singer has surged back with a single called “Stoned at the Nail Salon,” and released a music video last month that employs a rather surprising candidate from the vegetable kingdom as a smoking apparatus. 

Yes, Lorde is shown briefly smoking out of a fennel bulb in her new video for “Solar Power,” the title track off of her upcoming third studio album. Fans were convinced that the visual clip was an extended commentary on climate change, though the singer denied the theory in a recent interview with the UK Guardian

This video is a flower-power style stoner fantasy — many beautiful people performing contemporary dance on a secret beach in New Zealand, where the Kiwi singer has been riding out the pandemic and taking an extended social media break. In the video, Lorde herself scampers about in a canary yellow underwire crop top and skirt that we admit truly begs to be worn while smoking out of a vegetable and running around on an idyllic beach. 

The fennel shot is brief enough that you could ostensibly miss it if you weren’t a cannabis reporter (and looking for it), but Lorde was happy to confirm that she had been puffing in a June interview when a pair of New Zealand radio hosts asked if she was indeed consuming from a bulb.

“Yes I am,” Lorde said. “I took your standard apple bong and made it a bit more chic, a bit more me.” 

“I’m sure if you hit it for long enough the fennel would begin to roast,” responded one of the hosts, who then asked her if she had voted in New Zealand’s failed voter referendum to legalize cannabis last year. 

“Oh my god, are you kidding?” she responded. “Everyone knows it’s a yes.”

The referendum, which would have legalized production and sale of cannabis to people over the age of 20, foundered by a margin of 48.4 to 50.7 percent.

The country’s popular progressive prime minister Jacinda Ardern refused to take a public stance on the issue until after the election results were confirmed. After the measure failed, she confirmed that she voted in favor. Since then, she has doubled down on her belief that possession of marijuana should not be a crime.

So perhaps Lorde’s recent swing into cannabis culture should be seen as an attempt to sway the opinion of her fellow Kiwis. Despite such probable sincerity, her new music has not been matched with universal critical acclaim. Take, for example, the review over at Pitchfork for her newest single “Stoned at the Nail Salon:” “[Lorde’s] swings at profundity fall short — she is stoned, after all.”

Well, you kind of left yourself open to terrible marijuana humor, Ella. For the record, Lorde says the song is far from limited to cannabis ramblings and is in fact about, “That kind of searching, being unsure that I had chosen the right path and feeling lonely, I don’t see those as permanent or even bad emotions.”

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