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Rainbow Cake is produced from a cross of Archive Seed Bank’s elite Rainbow Belts and the recent hit Wedding Cake which has provided the basis for so many of the sweet, vanilla strains coming out of Colorado in 2020.

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Rainbow Belts is an elite, top-shelf hybrid in its own right (Zkittlez x Moonbow #75) and this exciting new cross is sure to be popular given that she exhibits the very best characteristics of both her parent strains.

Legal growers can look forward to prolific, vigorous plants with incredible resin production coating the entire top of each cola. Flavours and aromas are absolutely unique – fruit, cream, lime citrus and Kush-led funk all blend into layers of deliciousness that make this strain a potential Cup winner in future years – a truly astonishing terpene profile.

Flowers takes around 65-70 days and her dank, dense flowers would look well gracing the top shelf of any cannabis dispensary in the world. Just like Rainbow Belts before her, Rainbow Cake has a frankly ludicrous potency: legally orchestrated test-grows show THC levels in excess of 25%. Take due note here – this is not a strain for the novice consumer.


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