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Royal Queen Seeds is located in Europe with 3 locations. They currently have three physical store locations; with two stores in Amsterdam (Damstraat and Haarlemmerstraat) and one store in Barcelona, Carrer de Tallers.

According to their website Royal Queen Seeds does not ship to the USA but it’s interesting that they have a drop down on their site with a teaser headline about news for California so I’m guessing they will open a shipping center to handle USA seed sales fairly soon.

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They opened their first seed shop in 2010 and started their website in 2011 so they do have a lot of experience selling and sourcing cannabis seeds.

They do have a nice selection of seeds, especially regular ones and I’ll check them out once they start shipping to the USA.

I do like regular seeds better than fem or autos because you get a heartier plant with fewer problems. I never had herm problems until I started using fem or auto flower seeds.

The only benefit from fem or autos is time and it’s not much either. Roughly speaking you’ll save about 3 weeks max and probably less but is it worth it? If you do clone the clones will just be okay plants with below average size and THC content. I’ve done it and it’s not worth the time saving.

Is saving 3 weeks of grow time worth having plants that don’t clone very well, have lower THC levels and have all kinds of problems with pests and nutrient levels? I’ve been there, done that and I can tell you without a doubt it’s not worth it and that’s why I grow from regular seeds only.

I get all my seeds from two places; Bergman’s website is my main supplier and I use Homegrown  too.

Both places guarantee everything so at least you won’t lose any money, Give them a try.

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