Seedsman Photo Cup Contest 2019

Seedsman Photo Cup
Seedsman Photo Cup 2019

Seedsman Photo Cup

That’s right, the seedsman photo cup is ON folks. Now is your time to enter your best marijuana pictures and see how you stack up against the rest of the worlds growers.

Seedsman Photo Cup Entry

You can click the big image above to find the entry page on but hurry and enter before the deadline which is fast approaching.

Seedsman Photo Cup Prizes

There are over $40k in cash and prizes that will be awarded each growing “quarter”. You don’t have to win first place to be able to win some really killer 420 gear, marijuana seeds and many other prizes.

Seedsman Photo Cup Rules

What I would do is sign up by clicking the big seedsman photo cup image above and read over the rules. Do NOT try and pass someone elses picture off as your own. It is one thing to show pics of other growers on your site or youtube videos BUT during a real deal photo contest, it better be 100% unique and yours.

Seedsman Photo Cup Entries

One thing I have seen is a huge rise in seedsman photo cup entries for 2019 but that doesn’t change the fact that the odds are still in our favor folks. 20% Discount Code

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