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Seedsman Seeds Discount Codes

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My Seedsman Seeds Reviews Over The Years

How’s it growing everyone! The AardVark here, happy to give my latest review for Seedsman Seeds. Which is the best marijuana seed bank online in 2022 hands down. Now before I get started on my overall review I need to get some of the “goodies” out to those of you who have short attention spans ( ME ME ME lol ). Use some of that master grower salary and get some new marijuana seeds through seedsman. Right now Seedsman has a ton of promotions and freebies available IF you are willing to spend some of your own hard earned cash ( or hell maybe you got a stimulus check LOL ) you can get a ton of free seeds with your order. Now on top of that, I also have been using a discount code for seedsman for the last couple years and guess what IT STILL WORKS woohoo! I suggest you save this code for all future orders AND you can even be nice to your fellow grower buddies online and share it with them as well. On average I get a good 30% off my entire order through seedsman seeds using this coupon code AND so can you.

Enter Discount Code: 20AS-661091 and get up to 30% off your ENTIRE seed order + free seeds Buy Seeds Here

Seedsman Seeds Best Discount Code For 2022

Are you looking for the best seedsman coupon code which will save you the most money when you order seeds through The next sentence will be your best friend then because it has been mine for awhile now LOL. Seedsman Seeds Discount Code: 20AS-661091 which will give you up to 30% off your entire order through and get free feminized, free auto and free regular cannabis seeds as a thank you. I mean COME ON! Look how much money I saved when I placed this order through seedsman in the screenshot below. Overall I saved almost $120 on my purchase PLUS I got some free seeds.

Seedsman Seeds Freebies

I love buying seeds through seedsman for the prices BUT how can you not love getting free cannabis seeds when you place an order with them. In my last order which I did a screenshot of above here is a picture of the free seeds I got with that order.

I got 3 of each SO I got 3 seedsman blueberry feminized seeds and 3 seedsman white widow feminized seeds with my purchase. You can also choose between feminized and autos and I think you can also choose regular seeds as well for those of you who are interested in created your own crosses ( pollen chucker all day lol ).

Latest Marijuana Strains On Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman gets new seeds listed all the time. It seems almost daily they have new genetics and seed packs posted which is why I like to check their site daily. I could list the newest seeds that they posted but since they update their page more often it would be easier for you to do what I do and VISIT SEEDSMAN daily (-;

Now for the seed packs I love the most, that content I will post and you will see most of it below. Obviously I will update this list as I grow more and more of the strains. Overall, I can’t even count how many different strains from seedsman I have grown but it has to be at least 100 unique strains from a ton of various breeders.

Most Potent Strains Available At Seedsman

Here is my current updated list of the most potent strains currently available right now at seedsman seeds. Feel free to order as many packs as possible especially during this day and age. Crazy things are happening and seed packs are selling out faster than ever. Buy Seeds Here

  • Alaskan Purple
  • Gelat.OG
  • Bruce Banner
  • The White OG
  • Lemon Zkittle
  • Daiquiri Lime
  • Sweet Amnesia Haze
  • Sweet Cheese XL
  • Shiva Skunk
  • Bubba Cookies
  • Banana Sherbert x Chocolate
  • Deluxe Orange
  • Blue Fire
  • 24 Carat
  • Gorilla Glue #4 S1
  • Triangle Glue #4
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Godfather OG
  • Royal Gorilla
  • Gorilla Glue #4 x Lilly

As you can see, there are plenty of growers who trust ( myself included obviously ). I am sure they can’t please everyone but a 4.7 out of 5 is not bad at all especially in the times of KAREN lol.

Best 7 Feminized Strains Of 2022

Here is my top 7 feminized strains of 2022 that I am growing from Seedsman Seeds this year. There will be a few that will run in my greenhouse and the rest will be ran in either my 2×4 grow tents or my 4×4 grow tents. Not really sure where they will all end up BUT they will all be grown.

Buy Seeds Here

  1. Blue Dream Feminized Seeds
  2. Peyote Zkittlez Feminized Seeds
  3. Peyote Forum Feminized Seeds
  4. LA Peyote Feminized Seeds
  5. Peyote Wi-Fi Feminized Seeds
  6. Peyote Gorilla Feminized Seeds
  7. Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1 Feminized Seeds

As you can see I am really excited about anything with peyote genetics in it. It has an amazing terpene profile and does killer things when crosses with strong sativa and heirloom genetics.

I love the head high and for those with a ton of pain ( like myself, my back is barely hanging on these days ) it will allow to to SMILE during your day finally.

My Favorite Auto Strains Of 2022

Here is my list of my favorite autoflowering strains of 2022 that seedsman offers. I will grow most of these in my greenhouse because autos rock outdoors. I love not having to deal with light cycles and they really are a super easy set it and forget it. 

Buy Seeds Here

  • Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Larry Lemon OG Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Green Crack Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1 Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Zkittlez Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Purple Kush CBD 1:1 Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Jack Herer Auto Feminized Seeds

If there are better autoflowering marijuana seeds that I should check out, please message me with your top picks.

Where Is Seedsman Seeds Located

Seedsman Seeds is located in Barcelona Spain. Here is their current address but since I haven’t been there personally I cannot guarantee it ( hell I couldn’t even pronounce or spell it even if I tried LOL ). Feel free and drop by and let me know what you find. I would love to go and check Seedsman out sometime in person but not sure how soon that will be with this whole lockdown crap still going on around the world. We need to get back to life but in the time being I am going to keep ordering seeds and growing some amazing genetics from my favorite seed bank in the world.

How Do I Contact Seedsman If There Is An Issue With My Order

They get back to me by email pretty quick. They have an average response time ( let me find it, hold on… )

How Long Does It Take For Seedsman To Ship My Seeds

I normally get my seeds within 2 weeks right here in the good ol’ USA but like everything right now, shipping times will vary by state, country and honestly by political environments globally. Shipping was buggy in 2021 but is getting better worldwide in 2022. According to Seedsman themselves they give a 2-3 week estimation as far as shipping to The United States. Globally, it still averages 2-3 weeks and much faster to countries closer to Spain.

I have never had an issue getting my marijuana seeds from Seedsman. Do not worry about it, they will make it to your doorstep. I get mine within 2 weeks and you will too but at most 3 weeks. We all want things NOW but trust me, the genetics from seedsman seeds is well worth the wait.

Your seeds will make it safe and sound. If you feel paranoid or rather very paranoid you can also go for their stealth shipping and shipping insurance as well. It is a bit more expensive BUT if something does happen to your order, they will resend it completely free ( ie: on their dime ).

Is It Legal To Order Seedsman Marijuana Seeds In My State

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