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IT’S CRAZY HOW I GREW 48 FEMALE PLANTS STARTING WITH  SEVEN OG KUSH BAG SEED I FOUND. Do you every now and then have to buy weed because you ran out of your home grown? I do actually, mostly my fault though from improper planning, smoke too much, lazy, etc.; of course it’s illegal here and to top it all off it’s too hot to grow indoors during the summer.

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Like most when conditions are right to buy, I get my seeds from an ​online source which can be a little scary since you don’t really know what sites are legit or not. I know; against the law, bla, bla, bla. But what are most people like us supposed to do? At least the site I use is trusted to come through on delivering though.


I get my seeds from Bergman’s, check them out because they guarantee their deliveries and their site has a good reputation.


OG Kush Bag Seed

7-OG Kush Bag Seeds

A while back I bought an ounce of outdoor-grown OG Kush. It was great weed and as I used it, I found 7 seeds. I’m not a stranger to bag seed from good smoke so I saved them and recently decided to germinate and grow them (check out the photos a little farther down).

​Luckily Robert Bergman’s site also has a blog for beginners looking to grow or experienced growers looking for better ways so that you don’t waste the time and money spent on any seeds in the future.


From now on when I buy seeds, I get the most from my money and buy them at Robert Bergman’s trusted website.


Here is the OG Kush bag seed math and I could keep going on and on cloning if I wanted.

7 bag seeds = 6 seedlings (my fault-damage-should be 7)

From the 6 seedlings I got 3 females and I took 19 clones from them.

The original 3 female plants were flowered early because I needed weed and that left me with 19 plants from clones still growing in the veg cycle. (Watch the video I made showing how I ​germinated these seeds​.)

I took 29 more clones from the 19 plants = a total of 48 plants. I could have taken more clones but I ran out of soil and fabric pots.

7 bag seed turned into 48 female plants. I could keep going if I wanted to.

Took me all this time to say; bag seed is fine if it’s from good weed.



If you don’t have any bag seed; click here and get your seed from ​Robert Bergman​.

I use his website; they are safe and guarantee the sale and delivery.

He has a great selection and it’s ​dead simple to pay.



weed seeds popped
three week old seedlings
5 week old OG Kush from bag seed
11 weeks in veg cycle
11 weeks in vegetative cycle

OG Kush Flower 2 weeks flowering
13 days of flowering

OG Kush 31 days of flowering

31 days flowering OG Kush

OG Kush 32 Days Old

OG Kush 33 Days In Flowering
34 Days of Flower

These are the fabric grow bags, Pro Mix, Black Gold, Perlite and Jiffy peat rings I use


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