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Buy Marijuana/Cannabis Seeds in the USA/United States at the The Best Cannabis Seed Bank. In my opinion anyone who wants to peacefully protest the absurd cannabis laws in the USA by growing their own weed have a problem to overcome;  which cannabis seed bank is the best one to buy seeds from?

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Since I’ve personally been ripped off before, my opinion about a honest seed bank has a lot of weight behind it and I strongly suggest all to consider my recommendation versus taking a chance.


I buy my seeds here. Just got a $300.00 order delivered few days ago. Perfect!!


Just because the seed guy has a nice website with great photos of plants etc. doesn’t mean they are a legitimate company. Scammers can easily replicate any website they want and you must perform your due diligence before placing an order or you may be separated from your hard earned cash and get nothing in return.

I’ve made many seed purchases over the years and now only use one company because they have NEVER ripped me off before. They have a great selection and carry just about every strain anyone would want.


When you need seeds Robert Bergman is the place to go


With every order I made I received a confirmation as well as payment and shipping confirmations. In other words, I wasn’t left hanging and wondering did they get my order? Did they get my payment OK? When will it ship?


Believe me, that’s how you’ll think when you place your first order with a seed company you just found online and decided to take a chance on. Am I getting scammed?


I get my seeds from Bergman’s, check them out because they guarantee their deliveries and their site has a good reputation.


The BEST way to germinate a seed is using a peat ring. You only touch the seed one time. Using peat rings in conjunction with a heating pad will speed up the time it takes to germinate.

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