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Is there any catalyst that makes the Biden administration jump up and legalize cannabis in 2022? Not really.  Except for a major drug company coming out and saying cannabis is very effective in fighting some version of COVID or helping in COVID symptoms, there just isn’t any incentive in 2022 for President Biden to jump through hoops to make sure marijuana gets legalized at the Federal level. What about tax revenue? Interesting but he had a COVID wave for 18 months and has been in office for over 300 days, if tax revenue was a burning issue, it would have shown itself in the public arena already at the Federal level.

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By Aardvark

How's it going fellow growers and smokers! I'm the Aardvark and have been growing and doing grow shows online for many years now. I have helped various companies launch as well as helped test grow for specific breeders trying to prove out certain strains and traits.