The Fastest Way to Grow Weed Indoors From Seed

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The Fastest Way to Grow Weed Indoors From Seed. You may grow marijuana indoors at any time of year, and you’ll have total control over the plant and what you put in it. Do you have a studio or a little house that you call home? Do not worry since you can grow marijuana in almost any location, even in the most cramped quarters. When you choose to, the following are ways to achieve a fast growth:


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Grow Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis tends to grow more quickly than photoperiod strains due to a higher proportion of ruderalis genes in the genetic makeup. Ruderalis is a natural product of Siberia, where the summers are brief, and the temperatures are low. To assure the species’ survival, they had to acquire the capacity to generate blooms and seeds rapidly.

Two weeks after germination, most autoflowering seeds begin flowering and are ready for harvest approximately seven weeks later. Quick One, for example, completes its whole life cycle in 8 weeks and yet generates up to 150 grams per plant.

As a result, breeders are increasingly limiting the quantity of ruderalis they employ to boost yield and potency in their autoflowering hybrid strains. Consequently, it’s possible that certain plants may take longer to mature and be ready for harvest or that they’ll need a longer blooming period of 20/4 or 18/6 light cycles.


Go Straight to Flowering with Photoperiod Strains

Putting photoperiod strains in 12 hours of darkness every day from the moment they germinate may speed up their maturation nearly as much as autoflowering seeds like the White Widow Autoflower. However, your plants won’t grow or give almost as much if you don’t allow them to veg for the typical four to six weeks.

If you wish to try this approach, you may start with clones or seeds, but you will need to grow many plants in a sea of green (SOG) pattern if you want enough herb to last until the next harvest.


Grow from clones

To speed up the process of cultivating marijuana, you may use clones. A cutting is a developed seedling that is ready to begin the process of vegetative growth. Compared to seed germinating and completing the seedling phase, the time it takes for a cutting to establish new roots is substantially less than that required for a seed to germinate. An alternative to germinating seeds every time is to grow clones indoors.

If you have previously started an indoor grow and are satisfied with the results, you may keep taking cuttings from the existing plants to create a new one. It is a quick procedure that also yields reliable plants.


Veg with Lights on 24 Hours A Day

Although this is a contentious subject, your cannabis plants will be OK if you keep your lights on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They don’t need a time of darkness each day like some other plants. They will remain shorter, grow quicker, and get bushier if you constantly expose them to light.

To have a good-sized plant by the time you start forcing blooms, you may shorten your veg time in half by keeping the lights on. When using this method, keep an eye out for any flaws. Reduce the wattage or hours of light if your plants show signs of illness.


Give your plants less than 12 hours of light a day during the blooming period

If you want to kick-start blooming, put your plants in deep darkness for 48 hours before starting the 12/12 light cycle. For the duration of bloom, an 11/13 light cycle is recommended. You will fool your plants into believing that winter is almost around the corner by the additional decrease.

Forcing an early harvest by starving a plant for 9–10 weeks before it is ready to blossom might negatively affect output. Choose a cannabis seed like Honey Cream, which has a quick completion time if you plan to attempt this approach. It’s a high-yielding Indica that finishes flowering in about 6–7 weeks.


Consider switching to hydro

If you are growing cannabis indoors, hydro may shorten your growing period by a few weeks compared to soil or a soil-less mixture. This technique allows nutrients to be sent straight to the plant’s roots. Hydroponics will not speed up the blooming process, but it tends to create larger, denser buds and higher yields. In this situation, you may conclude that your time was well spent.


Use the right nutrients

The more time you give sick plants to heal by improper feeding, overfeeding, or underfeeding, the longer it will be until you can harvest your crop. If you are taking cannabis-specific nutrients, follow the directions on the label to ensure you are getting the correct dosage and timing. You should follow the recipe since you don’t know whether your plants are nutrient-sensitive.

When cannabis is vegging, it requires more nitrogen (N), whereas, during flowering, it requires more phosphorus and potassium (P & K). Nitrogen deprivation during bloom will result in lesser yields of fluffier buds if you feed them too much—precisely the reverse you’re trying to achieve here.

If you want to speed up the maturation of your plants, you may use any of the strategies listed above. However, you may sacrifice both yield and potency as a result. Ensure to choose a cannabis seed that has been developed for speed. You can minimize compromises to the greatest extent possible if you have the proper genetics.

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