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Europe is by far a highlight worldwide for the cannabis industry. While many, including this site, said do not expect worldwide legalization until the US legalized first due to the UN Drug Treaties, the rest of the world treated the UN just as they always do and ignored them and legalized. More and more countries are legalizing cannabis without US approval or waiting for the US to legalized it for access to the US financial systems. Germany by far was the biggest win for the marijuana industry, as they approved recreational marijuana for 2022 much like Canada did as a country in 2018. Mexico, Malta, Guernsey, Costa Rica, Belize, Jamaica, and a host of other countries are in the process of legalizing cannabis in 2022 in some form or another, even if they all start with national medical marijuana programs. So much for UN drug treaties, too much money and opportunity on the line to worry about getting scolded at the next UN meeting. Oh, COVID cancelled the next in-person meeting of the UN, too bad.

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