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In a true silver linings story, marijuana legalization and technology innovation boomed during the first COVID-19 shutdowns.  Many states declared cannabis an “essential item” much like alcohol, and that allowed for massive advancements in curbside pickups, online ordering, and even delivery services in many areas.  Many states advanced cannabis legalization at a quicker pace than would have been seen without a COVID pandemic, and many people tried cannabis for the first time during the pandemic months. But what about a 2nd shutdown or more serious restrictive set up than we have now, what if Omicron causes a second “stay home” agenda is some states? Let’s look at 5 questions regarding Omicron and marijuana industry and see what happens if this variant becomes a serious threat to the economic recovery now going on.

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By Aardvark

How's it going fellow growers and smokers! I'm the Aardvark and have been growing and doing grow shows online for many years now. I have helped various companies launch as well as helped test grow for specific breeders trying to prove out certain strains and traits.