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The Weed Tube

The Weed Tube has been a great resource for those of us who have been banned from youtube and or have had our marijuana related youtube channels removed ( including mine FUCK YOUTUBE!!! )

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Aardvarks Weed Tube Channel – Here is my TWT channel, please subscribe and check out some of my videos.


The Weed Tube

If you haven’t checked TWT out yet, please head over there right now and sign up for a free account. There are many growers that used to be on youtube there. BTW, there are also a ton of great smoking and sesh videos including some really hot females ( for the single fellas out there or window shoppers haha ).

Weed Tube

It looks like the site is getting further upgrades including phone apps and who knows what else. Time will tell but I am excited.

TWT Updates

I have decided to upgrade all my video and audio gear. When youtube was fucking around with me, I didn’t see a point in upgrading my camera or anything for that matter. Seriously what was the point when everything is demonetized and or completely removed.

I am starting with a brand new 600w hps grow light setup for one of my 4×4 tents that is currently in flower ( actually the led flower light needs a rest as it is slowly dying as well. )

Next up will be a new camera or two to get some great footage of my various marijuana growing adventures that I hope all of you come along for.

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