Best WeedTubers of 2021 on TheWeedTube Top List


The first question non weedtubers want to ask to ask is, what is theweedtube? The Weed Tube is a platform for those in the marijuana industry to post their content without fear of it getting deleted due to showing marijuana plants, smoking, gardening and sadly most anything to do with cannabis.


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I myself was banned from youtube multiple times. There were times that I was approaching 100k subscribers then banned. I then got back up passed 30k subs and boom banned again. This sort of treatment has happened to many of us over the years.

You can check out my weedtube channel but I am currently revamping everything since the recent google search changes. With the e-a-t method ( don’t worry about it if you aren’t into marketing or seo lol ) the content needs to be more focus driven than in previous years.

With the recent banning of so many creators within our industry even right now in 2021, we need other applications and platforms to work with. TWT has provided a place but they do need help, donations and marketing experience to really get it taking off.

TheWeedTube App Download

I have found 4 places online where you can download the weed tube application safely. It does depend on which type of phone and/or operating system you are running. If you feel there is another opsys that I am missing please contact me so I can update this section.

Download TheWeedTube App

  • TheWeedTube App On Google Play Store – Download App here
  • TheWeedTube App On Apple Itunes Store – Download App here
  • TheWeedTube App on APK Pure – Download here
  • TheWeedTube App on APK-DL – Download here

If you know of other mirror downloads feel free and contact me and I will post those links up as well. If it is your own site or google drive etc, that works fine as long as it is the latest version of theweedtube app.

There has been a few iterations on the weed tube logo. I saw a few logo contests through 99designs for example and it was fun to see all of the “what ifs” that happened during the pre-launch and design phase for theweedtube and the first weedtubers on the app.

Above is the latest version of the weedtube logo. They sometimes change it up but it has been awhile since they have changed up their front page on the platform.

TheWeedTube Merch

There have been a couple merch stores that weedtubers have setup. I will get a list once I see how 2021 is going to go. I noticed many merch stores having issues keeping items in stock. Check back AND if you have TWT merch that you created or know of others sites with weed tube merch, hit me up so I can add your warez.

TheWeedTube Drama

Good luck finding any social media platforms that doesn’t have drama LOL. TWT drama is not as large as online beefs on twitter, facebook or youtube but it still exists. I keep my nose out of it but still bring my popcorn to watch people turn into crazy karens everywhere LOL.

People need to realize that these platforms ( ONLINE PEOPLE ) do not need to control your lives and you shouldn’t worry so much about what people say/write about you. Do like a well known kids movie and let it go damn it lol, well I don’t think the song went exactly like that though HAHA!

Can You Make Money On TheWeedTube

I haven’t looked into getting paid on theweedtube platform. I know there are certain numbers you have to hit and I would assume that I have hit that by now…

Either way, I like the platform to pitch my own content, website links etc SO that is the way I look at getting “paid from theweedtube” even if it is secondary. Has it produced decent conversions? Sadly not really as there are mainly content creators on theweedtube versus people looking to watch the content and search the site.

That is something that the team over there needs to realize and hopefully real soon. You can’t have a whole bunch of quarterbacks and coaches on the field.

Top 10 Content Creators on TheWeedTube

This list will keep changing but the latest list of the top 10 weedtubers on the weed tube are…

  1. TheWeedTube – 135147 Subscribers
  2. macdizzle420 – 41629 Subscribers
  3. silencedhippie – 24819 Subscribers
  4. ArendRichard – 20386 Subscribers
  5. joya – 16611 Subscribers
  6. Tomazine420 – 15221 Subscribers
  7. mr-canucks-grow – 11857 Subscribers
  8. 2girls1bong – 8805 Subscribers
  9. meghanhughes – 8256 Subscribers
  10. AardVark – 6445 Subscribers


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