What’s the First Thing You Should Do When Weed is Federally Legalized?

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In case you missed Green Rush LIVE this week, we sat down and asked industry legends like Bruce Linton, Deb Borchardt, Steve Andrews, Curt Dalton of Cannabis.net, Jocelyn Sheltraw and David Rabinovitz about what they would do first if they new the date of cannabis legalization.  We picked March 1, 2022 as the “day of legalization” and asked the legends in each space what they would do 30 days before and the day of legalization for investments and such.  When America goes legalized green what is Bruce Linton going to do? He says, “Buy France!”, say what, Bruce?  Jocelyn Sheltraw from Headset breaks down whether we will see brands merging on the West Coast in order to compete with big MSO, Deb Borchardt looks at M&A on Wall Street at legalization gets closer, and David Rabinovitz looks at how social equity and economic empowerment candidate will fair with full legalization.

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