Why Are My Marijuana Plants Flowering Early and How Can I Revert Them Back to Vegetative

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Why Are My Marijuana Plants Flowering Early and How Can I Revert Them Back to Vegetative


I recently had to turn off the chat feature on my website; https://growingweedindoors.org because I was being asked this one question about 50 times each day.

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The people I chatted with were for the most part experienced indoor home growers who started their seed or made clones indoors with the intent on finishing their grow outdoors. After being outside for about 2 weeks their plants started to flower much earlier than they anticipated.

First a long story short; female cannabis plants start to flower when they detect less light unless they are plants grown from auto flower seeds.

So I always ask, “Are you sure you didn’t purchase auto flower seeds”?

If they are not auto flowers then the female plants detected less light and started flowering. Since it’s the beginning of summer how could the plants detect less light? This is a great question with an easy answer if you take a moment to think about it.

If you’re starting your plants indoors to get a jump on the outdoor season your plants are getting 18 to 24 hours of artificial light each day depending on how long you are running your lights. After a month indoors, your plants expect that same amount of light each day which keeps them in the vegetative cycle.

When the plants are moved outdoors it doesn’t matter if you have a typical housing situation with trees, fences, buildings etc partially blocking sunlight or they are in a wide open field, there is a very good chance those plants will start to flower because they are looking for their usual 18-24 hours of light and they’re only getting about 15 and that’s if they’re lucky.

When you move your indoor plants outside and they start to flower early just let them be. They will flower for about 3-4 weeks, get used to the new light and revert back to the veg cycle all on their own.  This will cost you 4-6 weeks or more of grow time.

What I mean is your plants won’t grow much when they are recovering from the stress brought on by inconsistent light timings. The plants won’t be perfect and they may turn into herms so think about the next suggestion.

Another option is to add light outside to make up what’s missing. The plants should then be grown normally under the sun and extra light until they start to flower again. This does stress your plants and will most likely add to your growing time. You’ll lose the 14 days reversion time plus more as the plant recovers from the stress it’s been placed under.

If you had little buds started you’ll see weird looking leaves growing out of them when the reversion commences. You can leave them or pick them off.

IMO the best way to handle premature flowering is moving the plants back indoors giving them 24 hrs of light. They’ll revert faster and resume growing in the vegetative cycle.

If you have this problem right now and you can’t move them back indoors, you must add light to your plants outdoors to enable them to revert back to the vegetative cycle. If they were grown indoors under 18-24 hours of light I would suggest you add enough light to your plants so they have at least a solid 18 hours of light.

If you plan on starting your plants indoors than moving them outdoors during the veg cycle, you must run your lights only 14 hours per day. This will keep your seedlings growing indoors and they won’t start to flower when you move them outside. If your area has more or less hours of light during the growing season then adjust your indoor timings appropriately.

Visit my website at https://growingweedindoors.org/ for more tips from a grower with 38 years’ experience.

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