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Youtube Banning Weedtubers 2019

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2019)
Youtube Bans Weedtubers 2019

Youtube is banning marijuana channels in 2019 it looks like. I have had a youtube channel on and off over the years. I have had it removed a few times. Every so often however youtube unflags all of the channels and let’s us upload videos.

I am unsure of what the purpose of this is. Personally I am getting sick of having to jump through hoops to GROW PLANTS!!! It usually ties into election cycles and looks like we are heading right into one.

If you notice that I haven’t uploaded anything in awhile, just understand that I would IF I was allowed to. They have me on a two week ban for what they call drug sales or recommending drug sales or some b.s. statement. When I get my next one, I will screenshot it.

Youtube Banning Weedtubers

We tend to just get a couple strikes here and there. When youtube gets ready though they will simply attach ALL the strikes to all your videos and remove your account before you can even respond.

rant over

Youtube Banned My Marijuana Growing Channel

Yes it is true folks. After many years and hundreds of videos, they finally removed me. Unlike previous bans that I received however I am NOT looking back. If they try and re-allow me back on I will gladly tell them to piss off!

I am done trying to jump through hoops for those pricks!

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