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AardVark Genetics

AardVark Genetics

This is the page where all the AardVark Genetics seed packs will be available. In 2023 there will be a few different crosses available. I am focusing on my purple breeding projects from here on out.

AardVark Seeds

We normally offer seed packs in higher seed counts than other breeders. We hope to give a new grower the shot to get the best phenotype possible out of a single pack of seeds. Most AardVark Seed Packs come in 21 seed counts or 33 seed counts.

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AardVark Breeding Projects

There are a ton of projects in the works so stay tuned! The AardVark

Here is one of the projects I am happy to start. I have a very strong smelling Peyote Gorilla that I am going to pollinate with one of my keeper ( SSSDH x 9lb Hammer ) males or a couple of them depending on which lines I want to work.

Peyote Gorilla x SSSDH x 9lb Hammer

Peyote Gorilla

My Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze is very old stock from connoisseur genetics and were the regular versions of the seeds versus the more common feminized versions. I got a solid male and bred that to my most potent 9lb hammer ( old jinxproof stock ) female named Turid.

The SSSDH and the 9lb Hammer were old seeds as in I had them sitting around for a good 5-7 years. I really need to look back at my old grow journals to find out an exact year.

I want to work a very potent purple line of seeds and want to start by working a cross using the Peyote Gorilla x SSSDH x 9lb Hammer

SSSDH x 9lb Hammer

I have tested the sssdh x 9lb hammer and it is some potent smoke. I will also work on the f2 seed stock for this cross. I want to locate some amazing f2s once these f1s are bred together. Not sure what sort of phenos I will locate BUT excited to see.