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How To Get Your Master Grower Certification Online

Now is the time to get your Master Grower Certification Online. 2024 is the year of change and your chance to get into an industry that you actually love. Who isn’t sick of the same old 9 to 5 day in and day out?

You can get your master grower certification online through 1 of many accredited training companies. There are online courses as well as in person master grower certification options near you.

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I have taken the time to contact all of the current online master grower course websites so you don’t have to. Well I mean, you can if you want to lol. The brick and mortar style ( in person and college style setting ) I have decided to leave out simply due to the inability for most people to travel to another city, state or country to take a couple month course.

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What Is A Master Grower?

I used to have this question as well when I first started growing ( that was a good 10 – 15 years now wowee ). There are plenty of growers who can be considered master growers solely due to their actual experience growing marijuana.

A master grower has gone through a complete training course and has received their Master Grower Certification. Most Master Growers can get certified in 6 months to a year online.

There is one course online that you can actually complete in about 30 days. That is the one that I went through and it is 100% online. You can check it out here if you want ( use enrollment code: bws20 for a huge discount ).

How To Become A Master Grower?

I went the easy route ( and I suggest you do as well ) and got certified online. I actually looked around for a few in person options because I thought it would be cool to hang out with fellow growers. Due to the shutdowns and closures, that really showed all of us that in person options might be available one day and then removed the next.

You can complete an online course to get certified as a master grower. On average most online courses will take the average person 6 months to a year from start to finish.

I did not want to start something ( and pay for the course ) and then have to pause or cancel the classes completely. Being able to do it online was the best option for me and it probably will be for you as well.

The online option works for me because sometimes I need to step away to take a business call or deal with a customer issue, I would not have been able to ever finish the course if I had to take it in person or even if it was online but structured with daily activities. There are some that are go at your own pace, and that is perfect for us potheads LOL.

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How Much Does A Master Grower Make?

In 2024, master growers are earning 20% more than they did in 2023. Now that dispensaries and recreational collectives opening up in newly legal states there are a ton of jobs that need to be filled.

Master Growers who have their Master Grower Certification will earn on average $75k to $120k per year. This is an overall average from my research contacting fellow growers.

Your income really will depend on what you are planning to do. Are you wanting to work for someone else? Do you want to launch your own business? These are the things you need to dial in and from that you can estimate your possible income.

Getting started is easier working with an established company. Many times it isn’t a bad idea to try out a master grower internship at a local grow op if something like that is possible for you.

You can go on indeed and see a ton of options for a certified master grower. Certain states of course have more options but there are also many that offer relocation bonuses which might be right up your alley.

Free Master Grower Certification Online

From what I can tell there is no free master grower certification online courses or pdf downloads that I have seen. There are some free grow guides and how to grow style websites that are worth checking out. I will put together an awesome list and create a new post for all of those.

You can take a free marijuana growers course right here and it goes over the basics of growing including lighting, different stages of growth as well as common issues and solutions.

  • You will discover the best lighting systems to meet your growing goals
  • You will explore the most common challenges faced by new horticulturalists
  • You will learn the stages of growth the cannabis plants
  • You will master growing and maintaining mother plants and clones

I actually didn’t even know they offered a free marijuana growing course. Happy I found that and can share it with you. Go through the whole course for free and it will actually let you get a feel for the website before you enroll in the master grower course.

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Master Grower Certification Online

There are a couple in person options in California, Colorado, Florida and I believe Michigan as well. Obviously this list is going to get larger. The only issue is when pandemic and other lockdown issues pop up.

You can get your master grower certification online through one of many websites in 2022. The easiest to follow and most in-depth certified program I found was this one.

I received mine online and suggest you do the same. There are a few different companies to go through and the one thing I am going to do is actually sign up for a few more and see how their online courses are as well.

By the end I should have a pretty decent review of the various online master grower course options for my fellow growers to check out. If you know of an online course that I should review, feel free and message me about it anytime.

I am more than happy to listen to fellow growers opinions and suggestions when it comes to cannabis curriculum and which ones rock and which ones are bunk.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Master Grower?

The time it takes to become a certified master grower will depend on the amount of time you invest in the course itself. If you only have an hour or two per month then it will obviously take you far longer than someone who plans on working on it on a daily basis.

It will take you anywhere from 1 month to 1 year to complete your master grower course online and get your certification. This time range is dependent on the students time investment and hours per week dedicated to the course curriculum itself.

Since I have plenty of time on my hands being a webmaster/grower, I was able to dedicate hours per day to the class and got it knocked out right around a month give or take. I can see it taking on average 2-3 months in your spare time.

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In the end, you will know the ins and outs about growing marijuana as well as managing a large grow operation IF that is something you are interested in. I am just stoked about how many states have legalized. Pretty soon, there will be so many legal states they will have to decriminalize it completely.

Fingers crossed folks!

Master Grower Certification Near Me

If you happen to live in a large city you will probably have a college with a course or two specific to growing marijuana or running a cannabis company. For those of you who might not live in the largest city or even if you do there are no in person master grower courses then what should you do?

There is actually a master grower certification course that you can take in your city. You can find the complete details and enrollment specific information here.

I do not have a local college or community college option but you might. I suggest that you head over to google and get a list of your local colleges and see what options they might have for you. There could also be just general gardening or plant husbandry courses worth checking out as well.

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Master Grower Tips

There are many tips that I can offer for new growers. As far as master grower tips, my suggestion is to never assume that you know everything.  If you have local growers in your area, get in contact with them and pick their brain.

The best Master Grower Tips are the ones that have been learned from grower mistakes. As you learn from them, you will understand how to avoid them going forward.

I have been growing for a decade or two and growing that green thumb can take some longer than others. My suggestion is to slow down and stop trying to do so much. Most times the only reason our plants have issues is due to us messing with them way too much. Remember the K.I.S.S. method which will save you some headaches during your growing adventure.

Sending positive growers karma to everyone reading this! – The AardVark